In 2020, the probability of La Nina phenomenon will reach 70%. What impact will it have on China?

Imperceptibly, nearly nine months have passed since 2020. Due to the changes of global climate in recent years, we should be careful of some major natural disasters brought by climate throughout the year. Last year, many people recognized a climate term, that is “El Nino phenomenon”.

El Nino phenomenon is an abnormal natural phenomenon, which refers to the abnormal warming of sea surface temperature in the tropical Pacific. Large scale warming of the tropical Pacific will cause global climate change, which mainly makes the global temperature warming more obvious. 2019 is a very obvious El Nino year, so we should feel that the temperature last year was indeed hotter than in previous years.

The 2019 El Nino phenomenon has brought many major natural disasters to the world, among which the most painful one is the virgin forest fire in Australia. Then the disastrous fire, I believe everyone is very clear that it is a fire that lasts for several months and cannot be eliminated. The fire killed nearly 500 million wild animals and wiped out a large number of species.

At the same time, it also brought about an obvious climate crisis in Australia. The main reason for the forest fire was that the temperature in Australia was too high last year. Not only Australia, but also some other warmer areas in the past also experienced sustained and record high temperature last year. All these manifestations are caused by El Nino phenomenon.

So in 2020, scientists have been observing the climate to see if there will be El Nino this year. According to the observation and study of climate at the beginning of this year, 2020 may be a “weak El Nino phenomenon”. Although it is only a “weak El Nino phenomenon”, it will still cause very obvious natural disasters in China. I believe you can see this through the heavy rainfall in the past month.

Although the “weak El Nino phenomenon” is not as obvious as last year’s high temperature impact, some time ago, the new news released by the Australian meteorological service pointed out that the probability of La Nina phenomenon this year has increased to 70%, which is about three times the normal probability.

Here comes a new climate word that many people are not familiar with. Last year, many people knew what El Nino is, but they are still very unfamiliar with La Nina, because the probability of this kind of climate is very low, especially in the current situation of rising global temperature.

So what is La Nina phenomenon? It mainly refers to the abnormal cooling of the sea water in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. In short, La Nina phenomenon and El Nino phenomenon are two opposite states. El Nino phenomenon can lead to a significant increase in global temperature, which is hotter in summer and not cold in winter. The La Nina phenomenon is a more extreme climate, that is, the summer temperature is still very high, rainfall increases, and in winter it will be colder than usual.

La Nina phenomenon is like a double day of ice and fire. In summer, the heat kills you and the rainfall makes you afraid. In winter, the cold makes you shiver and there will be large-scale snowfall. This extreme climate occurred in China in 2008, when the La Nina phenomenon occurred.

I believe many people still remember the freezing natural disaster of heavy snowfall in South China in 2008, especially the friends living in South China. In normal climate, the temperature in the south is on the high side. Even in winter, although the temperature will drop, there will be no cold winter like that in the north. It is rare to see the scene of sharp cooling and heavy snowfall. For people living in the south, it may be difficult to see the scene of heavy rainfall for decades.

But this happened in 2008, when the La Nina phenomenon happened. Based on the analysis of current meteorological data, especially a large number of climate change data in the tropical Pacific, scientists believe that the probability of La Nina phenomenon will increase significantly this year. According to climate model data, further cooling is likely in the coming months.

The emergence of La Nina phenomenon may lead to large fluctuations in the climate, and if the intensity of La Nina phenomenon increases, it will also lead to extreme snowfall, ice and snow and other weather. If the La Nina phenomenon occurs this year, it will also have a great impact on China’s winter production. It is possible that the ice and snow cooling disaster in 2008 will be staged again in the south.

Friends in the south are now suffering from typhoons and rainstorms. After strong storms and rains, there may be natural disasters of strong cooling and heavy snowfall in winter this year. The appearance of a cold winter may not have a great impact on the people in the north, because we all know that it is normal to snow in winter in the north, and there are heating facilities in the north.

So no matter how cold it is in winter, people in the north will not freeze. But for friends in the south, that’s different, because there is no collective heating in winter in the south, because the temperature in winter in the south is generally the same as that in spring in the north. But if La Nina happens, the winter in the South may be as cold as that in the north. In this case, people in the South may suffer.

Of course, there is no definite answer to whether La Nina will happen this year. It still needs climate experts to analyze more monitoring data of the Pacific Ocean. If before winter, climate experts make it clear that this winter will be affected by La Nina phenomenon, then we should take protective measures, especially for friends in the south, and at least prepare air conditioning and other heating equipment at home.

In fact, everyone knows that whether it is La Nina or El Nino, their occurrence is actually the result of the continuous destruction of the natural ecology by human beings. This is a constant warning from nature to mankind, warning that the earth’s environment is moving towards the abyss step by step.

If we also strengthen environmental protection and pay attention to the deterioration of the ecological environment, the occurrence of La Nina and El Nino will be normal in the future. When this normal continues for a certain period of time, the earth’s ecology will completely collapse, and the climate will be so bad that we can’t survive.

Hawking once predicted that the earth might be destroyed in 200 years. The reason for such a prediction is not Hawking’s completely groundless nonsense, but Hawking’s seeing that human beings are destroying the ecological environment more and more seriously. According to the present situation of ecological deterioration, 200 years later, the earth may really become a desolate planet that is not suitable for human survival.

If the earth is lost, where will mankind go? Some people say that we can move to Mars or an alien planet suitable for human survival. But in fact, even if Mars is successfully transformed in the future, it will not be the best habitable planet for human beings. Because the mass of Mars is much smaller than that of the earth, and it does not have a strong magnetic field, its innate advantage can not be compared with that of the earth.

Therefore, it is very difficult for Mars to become a real second home for human beings, and in 200 years, human beings are not sure enough to transform Mars into a beautiful ecological planet. As for migration to other galaxies, it is even more difficult to do in 200 years. If 200 years later, when the earth’s ecology collapses, human beings have no ability to move to the outer planet and wait for the end of human beings, I believe everyone can guess.

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