In 2032, the world may enter the ice age again. Are you ready?

Hawking’s achievements in physics and cosmology are obvious to all. Although he suffered from muscle atrophy, he went beyond the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, big bang and other theories to enter into the “geometric dance” of creating the universe – no boundary conditions, solved numerous cosmic mysteries, and was known as the “King of the universe”. He is the most outstanding physicist after Newton and Einstein. Just this year, Hawking said in an interview that human beings will leave the earth before 2117.

At the same time, Hawking also made such a prediction, in 2032, the earth will enter the ice age, global warming.

There have been five glaciations on the earth, the most recent of which was about 2.58 million years ago, known as the Quaternary glaciation. As the name suggests, most of the world will be covered by ice and snow when the ice age occurs. At that time, all the surface ice (including the poles and mountains) will melt, causing the water level to rise, and most cities and lowlands will be submerged. And then the formation of the ice age because of its carrying capacity may make the continent slowly decline, such as the Antarctic continent today, its base will be below sea level. At that time, the climate will change greatly, the weather will be cold, and the animals and plants that like warm and dislike cold will be extinct.

Hawking’s language from 2032 to 2600, in his prediction, the earth will face a large-scale disaster, until 2600, the earth will become a hot fireball, and he also predicted that in 2100, human beings will enter space and new people will appear. Xiaobian is still looking forward to this, but he may not see it in his life.

But let’s look forward to the ice age in 2032!

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