In 2045, mankind may usher in a “big explosion”, and immortality may be realized!

Will human beings disappear or “live forever” in 2045? Scientists dare to guess!

In this information age, the level of science and technology has made great progress. Human beings are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology. Since the first industrial revolution, the process of human history has been more smooth, and the development in the future is showing an explosive growth rate. Human beings have been on the earth for millions of years. We have witnessed the rapid development of science and technology, which is far beyond human prediction.

But scientists are always studying how human life was born, and how did our ancestors learn to use tools? If, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, life evolved from the ocean, why do humans learn to use tools in the process of evolution? Walking on land, all this seems very strange. Will human beings disappear or “live forever” in 2045? Scientists dare to guess!

Some scientists predict that at this rate of development, in 2045, there will be a big explosion, which human beings cannot predict. After the emergence of computers, there are more and more ways of entertainment for human beings. With the development of just a few decades, the emergence of supercomputers has even replaced the human brain. At present, human beings have to face a big problem, that is, artificial intelligence.

The vigorous development of artificial intelligence has become the trend in the future. Now we can appreciate the role of artificial intelligence in all walks of life. It has surpassed the human brain in many aspects and needs human control. Some people speculate that if artificial intelligence gets rid of human control one day, then human beings will be suppressed by these machines, and the danger of human beings is quietly rising In the face of this situation, there are very few solutions that human beings can solve. Science and technology is a double-edged sword, which has both advantages and disadvantages. If artificial intelligence is popularized, human beings will not have to worry about work or create with both hands, and they will be able to achieve a more terrible goal, that is eternal life.

Everyone living on the earth has to experience life and death, immortality is against the law of nature, human beings have been looking for the method of immortality. Some scientists predict that perhaps in 2045, mankind will achieve immortality. If we put people’s Thoughts on the Internet, the combination of the two may be common. From a certain point of view, the universe we live in may be built by other civilizations, and maybe humans are also simulated by them.

There are also many pessimists who think that by 2045, mankind will be completely extinct, or controlled by other civilizations, and will never be seen again. Unless mankind can break through itself, show real technology, and achieve immortality, it will be able to get rid of this dilemma. These theories are just speculation. After all, no one has the ability to predict the future. Do you think that by 2045, mankind will be able to get rid of this dilemma What will happen in the next year? You can leave a message for interaction.

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