In 50 years, the earth may be an “oven”, and the life of mankind may be very hard

Hundreds of years ago, after more than 5000 years of continuous development, human civilization finally embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. Science and technology let us free our hands, from the handicraft age into the industrial age, the strength of industry to human civilization wings, can fly higher, faster and farther.

Human beings also enjoy a lot of benefits brought by science and technology. It can be said that everyone of us is very grateful for science and technology. Human beings appreciate the health, convenience and endless benefits of science and technology. But for nature, it does not like science and technology very much, because the rapid development of industry has brought more and more serious consequences to the earth’s ecology.

As we all know, the earth’s ecology is perfect. Although it has experienced many ecological upheavals in history, it belongs to the normal evolution of nature. However, the ecological changes brought about by human industry are obviously abnormal. Since mankind entered the industrial age, the earth’s environment has been deteriorating for more than 200 years.

Industry can produce a large number of greenhouse gases and various pollution sources, greenhouse gases lead to the aggravation of the greenhouse effect, making the global temperature rising. Some people may think that the earth’s temperature has increased, but we will feel the heat. But human beings have the power of science and technology, we can use air conditioning and other means to cool our living rooms, which will not cause too much harm.

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. The heat brought by the rising temperature is just one of the primary manifestations of the greenhouse effect. The truly terrible disasters have not yet come, but with the advance of industrialization, global warming is also increasing. According to some reports published by scientists this year, the earth may experience an unprecedented warming process in the next 50 years.

In 50 years, by 2070, more than a fifth of the earth will be as hot as a desert. At that time, one-third of the earth’s population may encounter extreme heat, and people’s life will become very sad.

For the earth’s climate change in the next 50 years, scientists are not completely guessing, but a number of scientists participated in, referring to the climate change data obtained by Archaeology and various historical records since the written records. By inputting these data into the computer model, we can simulate the great changes of the earth’s climate in the next 50 years.

The simulation results show that if human beings do not strictly control greenhouse gas emissions in the next few decades, human beings will encounter unimaginable serious consequences in 50 years. According to research, there will be at least 20% of the land at that time, and the climate will rise to a hot climate similar to that of the Sahara desert.

You should know that the average temperature in the Sahara desert is higher than 29 degrees Celsius. If these lands become such an environment, it means that the average temperature will be higher than 29 degrees Celsius.

At present, only 0.8% of the earth’s regions with temperatures higher than 29 degrees centigrade meet the requirements. This area with average temperature can be regarded as the forbidden zone of life, which is a terrible condition not suitable for human survival. The earth’s land is not much, only accounting for 29% of the global area, and one third of it is desert.

If another 20% of the land is not suitable for human survival in 50 years’ time, we will have less land to live in. Moreover, we should not forget that the global population is also growing. At present, the global population is more than 7 billion, and it may increase to 10.5 billion by 2070.

Some people may say that global temperature rise may not be able to reduce the number of land available for human survival. We need to know that the north and south poles used to be places of ice and snow, and the temperature was very low, which was not a good place for human survival. However, with the increasing temperature, the temperature in the north and south poles may be very mild in 50 years, and large areas of land can be suitable for human survival.

So is harvest that simple? Yes, large areas of land in the north and south poles are likely to become a warm place in 5 billion years due to the rising temperature. Warm climate is indeed suitable for human survival, but at that time we will be a large number of North and South and migration? It’s very unlikely. Why?

As we all know, the north and south poles are the two coldest regions on the earth. They used to be covered with ice and snow. With the rising temperature of the earth, the ice and snow at the two poles are melting. After 5 billion years, all the ice and snow will melt, and there will be a huge lake and ocean. In particular, the bottom of Antarctica is basically located in the ocean. Once it all melts, Antarctica will become more of an ocean.

On the contrary, the Arctic is a large area of land, but these lands are basically ancient permafrost. As for permafrost, I believe many friends have heard that it is formed after tens of millions of years of extremely cold weather. It is not only a frozen soil, but also a natural giant biological Museum.

In permafrost, there are not only a lot of methane and other greenhouse gases, but also a lot of ancient biological bodies. What’s more, there are unknown quantity and unknown species of ancient bacteria and viruses in permafrost. We all know the horror of the virus, since ancient times, the virus has been the most terrible enemy of mankind.

The life form of virus seems very simple and primitive, but its spread and harm are very terrible. There is no absolutely effective way for human science and technology to deal with all kinds of viruses. No matter how the modern virus mutates, it is always in our understandable scope, and we can quickly develop methods and drugs to deal with it.

However, the ancient viruses tens of thousands of years ago are very different from the viruses now. They may be the kinds we don’t know at all. Once they are harmful to the earth’s ecology and human beings, we may have no way to deal with them. With the rising global temperature, these permafrost layers in the Arctic are also recovering, and a large amount of methane gas is constantly emitted, which further aggravates the greenhouse effect.

At the same time, frozen ancient biological corpses are constantly emerging. Scientists found a lot of ancient bacteria and viruses in the unsealed permafrost. They brought them back to the laboratory, and some of them could be revived. This shows that the vitality of ancient bacteria and viruses is far stronger than we think, and they are likely to wake up with the continuous melting of permafrost.

It can be seen that even if the temperature in the north and south poles rises to a very suitable level for human survival 50 years later, it is difficult for us to live here. It is possible that at that time, the Arctic became a forbidden area. A large amount of methane was constantly emitted, various kinds of paleontological corpses were constantly emerging, and a large number of ancient microorganisms were constantly reviving.

The rising global temperature will also change the earth’s marine environment. Scientists have found that the North Atlantic warm current goes deeper into the Arctic than before the industrial revolution, which means that the warm sea water will be able to reach more northern regions and change the temperature pattern of the whole northern hemisphere together with the atmospheric circulation.

The Arctic region has become a warm region in the future. Such a change in climate pattern may also make the contradictions among human beings more intense. We should know that a large part of human resources come from the ocean, and with the development of land resources, human dependence on marine resources will be more serious in the future.

The change of climate pattern leads to the expansion of resources to the two poles, so the competition for resources in the northern hemisphere may become white hot, and resources have been the fuse of war since ancient times. Therefore, the intense competition for resources may lead to another world war. Now the war is very terrible. Once it breaks out and evolves into a later stage, it may turn into a nuclear war.

Once a nuclear war breaks out, it will make the situation worse. It may directly degrade human beings from scientific and technological civilization to primitive civilization. The more serious consequence is the complete end of the whole civilization, like the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, disappeared in the long river of history.

Thus, we can see how serious the changes brought about by the rising global temperature will be. And this time may not be too long. 50 years is also very short for human beings. At that time, most of the friends who read this article believed that they still lived in this world. At that time, when we saw that the earth where human beings live had become a mess, what did our friends think?

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