In a strange tunnel in Wenzhou, strange figures lead to traffic accidents almost every day, and experts accidentally find out the truth

There is a famous tunnel in sanduling, Wenzhou, but its famous place is never because of the beautiful scenery, but because there are too many accidents here – the number is amazing. According to the statistics of the transportation department, there are 721 traffic accidents in a year, including rear end collision and crash. Because of the high incidence of accidents, this place began to have all kinds of strange legends. Some people say that the tunnel was built, which angered the mountain god; some say that the fengshui of this place is bad, which has been an ominous place since ancient times; some say that the owner of the car was possessed by a ghost All in all, there are many different opinions, and there is no convincing conclusion.

Just when all kinds of melon eaters on the Internet were hot, the accident happened again. Wenzhou traffic police brigade received a call to the police at 8 p.m., and all four cars at the scene were badly hit. Although the people in the car have been safely evacuated, the scene is still very terrible. A woman in white was sitting on the edge of the road. She seemed to be in shock. So the police immediately arranged for her to be treated in the hospital, accompanied by a man and a little boy. The boy was in a coma, covered with blood, and the traffic police immediately handed him over to the medical staff. Then at this time, there was only one man left, and he accepted the traffic police’s inquiry.

The traffic police asked him what happened at that time. The man replied that the car was driving well at that time. As a result, a figure suddenly appeared on the way, which scared him. So he had to step on the brake urgently, which led to the rear end collision of four cars. The traffic police must be suspicious of this, so they asked again, did you drink? And take out the detector for detection, the result is the normal threshold. So it’s even more strange. Is it fatigue driving? The man then replied, “no, I’ve just finished my meal and had a sleep. There are videos recorded in restaurants and dash cam. The man seemed to think of something at this time, so he turned on his dash cam and debugged it to the time just before the rear end collision. A strange scene appeared. In the dash cam, there was actually a figure, although the figure just flashed by. And the tunnel is empty.

The traffic police were stunned when they saw it. They all knew that it was easy to have traffic accidents here, but this was the first time that the mysterious figure was recorded so clearly.

As soon as the news came out, the major media exploded and reported one after another. One of the characteristics of these cases is that when the traffic police asked what they saw, or when the perpetrator took out the tachograph for the traffic police to check, the most common sentence they said was “it seems that there is a person, but it’s a little dark, I can’t see clearly”. Under this ambiguous answer, the incident further fermented So the relevant departments invited experts to analyze the tunnel. They didn’t expect that everything was due to the tunnel lighting. How could ordinary lighting lead to this situation?

It turns out that the terrain here is steep, and a tunnel has been built between the mountains. Therefore, the gradient of the land where the tunnel is located and the steepness inside the tunnel are not determined by human beings. In this cave, because of the subtle angle, the refraction and scattering of light are repeated countless times. Therefore, as long as there are people, it seems that someone flashes in front of the lamp. This is a very normal situation Optical phenomena. Later, with the efforts of optometrists and geologists, the lighting of the inner wall of the tunnel was continuously adjusted, and good improvements were finally made, but traffic accidents still occur occasionally.

Finally, the author believes that when strange phenomena appear one after another, we should not make three people become tigers and follow others. Scientific insights will help everyone better understand the world.

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