In a word, if you overturn the theory of reincarnation, will you still believe that reincarnation of life and death really exists?

Buddha said that the spirit of human death does not die, and will reincarnate. Do you believe that human death will reincarnate? First, let’s share some examples of reincarnation

1. The reincarnation of little white pig moved the butcher to put down the butcher’s knife

There is a little boy surnamed Wu in Pitou village of Pingyang township. He was a little white pig in his previous life. After reincarnation, he became a human being. Because he could accurately recognize the butcher who killed him, he made a stir in the local area. Then the butcher (Rong) vowed not to kill in this life. When the boy was one year old, his family took him to play in the village. Whenever the boy saw the butcher, he would cry and struggle desperately. This was always the case. When the boy was three years old, when he saw his neighbors picking vegetables in the field, he would tell them which vegetables were bitter and which were spicy. If he picked too much, he could not eat them And so on. At this time, the boy was more afraid of the butcher. Every time he saw the butcher, he would run home desperately. Sometimes, the villagers felt strange and tried to ask the boy why. Who would have expected that the boy’s reason scared the villagers? It turned out that the boy was a white pig raised by his grandfather in his previous life. One day the butcher came home to buy a pig. When the white pig saw that the situation was not good, he ran away desperately and got married Guo was caught, carried back and killed. The explosive news spread all over the village.

Later, the reporter interviewed the boy’s mother:

Reporter: when did he talk about his past life?

Mother: he said he was a white pig when he was one year old.

Reporter: how to say?

Mother: he said that he was a white pig. When the neighbors were picking vegetables, he told them what kind of vegetables the pigs liked to eat. People ask why? He said he was a white pig.

2. Two month old baby girl can speak eight languages

There is a Bulgarian baby girl who can speak in eight languages intermittently when she is two months old. Bulgarian, English, French, Latin, Spanish, Russian, Arabic dialects, etc. can be understood. This event has shocked many scientists and linguists in many countries, and they can’t explain this incredible ability. The baby girl is very young Sophia birkov was born into an ordinary intellectual family. When she was two months old, she weighed only ten pounds and looked like an adult. This phenomenon has been explained by the “intelligent genetic code” theory, which has received many scholars’ support and some scholars’ opposition. However, it is difficult for people to give a satisfactory answer. The only challenge is to use the previous life’s theory, she is the one The theory that a person who knows many languages and can still inherit this reincarnation after reincarnation can explain perfectly.


A long time ago, I saw such a news in Minsheng Daily: a cow in Hengchun Town, Pingtung County, Taiwan, gave birth to a calf with the inscription “Lin Xinjiao” printed on its back. The owner of this cow is you Wanjin. He has a younger brother named you Wanda. His family is poor. He works in the family of Lin Xinjiao, a doctor in the town. One day, the Lin family lost more than 2000 Jin of rice. After the incident, Lin Xinjiao wrongly accused you Wanda of stealing the rice. At that time, the police officers tortured you Wanda and tried to commit suicide It’s a coincidence that Lin Xinjiao died soon after.

Many years later, the word “Lin Xinjiao” appeared on the back of a calf from you Wanjin’s cow. When Lin Xinjiao’s son learned about this, he discussed with his neighbor and the cow’s owner that he was willing to buy the calf with ten thousand yuan, but the owner refused. After the news came out, people were amazed!

Does reincarnation really exist?

In today’s era when everything is explained by science, some people even use quantum theory to explain the existence of “soul”. In fact, Xiaobian believes that there must be many netizens among the people who believe that “reincarnation of life and death” really exists, but in fact, the theory of reincarnation of life and death is only limited to Buddhism and Taoism. Xiao Bian once said that in one sentence, he overturned the theory of reincarnation: if reincarnation of life and death really exists, why are there more and more people?

What do you think of the theory of reincarnation?

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