In addition to being able to imitate human speech, parrots have also been found new skills!

For years, experts have believed that parrots can’t say meaningful words by brain control. The reason why they can “say” a few simple words is that they unconsciously imitate human beings.

However, numerous facts and studies have proved that this is not the case. Parrots have the ability of thinking.

After the death of an African Grey Parrot, known as the smartest parrot in the world, pepper Berg published a book “Alex and me”. In the book, pepper Berg said that Alex’s intelligence is equivalent to that of a five-year-old child. It can recognize objects, numbers, colors and shapes, distinguish sizes, “the same” and “different”. It has 150 words and uses them just right: say “sorry” when it makes a mistake, say “I want to go back” when it’s tired When leaving the host, he will ask, “will you come tomorrow?”. Alex can talk to people intermittently, like a two-year-old child. He even becomes the teacher of other parrots, and he will discipline his peers: “you can do better!”

“From a scientific point of view, Alex tells us that parrot’s thinking ability is closer to human’s than we admit,” says Pepperberg Most scientists have always believed that the ability of thinking and cognition is unique to primates and other mammals, but Pepperberg believes that although birds’ brains are only the size of walnuts, this ability is also shown in them.

Recently, there are also some live videos of parrots on the hot video platform. In addition to their own “chattering” characteristics, it is not difficult to see that they have their own independent thinking in their interaction with their hosts. For example, if they are not very obedient and are criticized by their hosts, they will ask their hosts: “what are you doing?” Hear strange voice, will ask host: “what voice?” When the owner returns to the cage, he will say: “I don’t want to go back to the nest!” In a recent live broadcast, the naughty parrot broke into the kitchen, and the host rushed to chase him out. He even said, “why do you always follow me when the host goes with you?”

It can be seen that parrots have their own independent thinking. They are the only animals with intelligence and can communicate with humans in language.

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