In addition to gods, there are Mantis people in Kunlun mountain? Are these events true or false?

In Chinese culture, Kunlun Mountain has always been full of mystery. It is said that there are not only gods but also Mantis people in Kunlun mountain. It is said that in 1962, another investigation team entered the Kunlun Mountains. In the process of investigation, they met the mantis people and started a fight. The incident was blocked until the 1990s.

Does Mantis man really exist?

Kunlun Mountain has also been described in the classic of mountains and seas in China. Nuwa, Queen Mother of the West and others in the fairy tales all originated here. There are many fairy tales about Kunlun Mountain, but in addition to these myths, there are also many anecdotes that make Kunlun Mountain mysterious. When they went to Kunlun Mountain, for example, there was no place for them to rest, so we had to go to Kunlun mountain. I didn’t expect that soon after they entered the cave, a big Mantis rushed out of the cave. This mantis is very big, its arms are like two scythes, and it moves very fast. If the team members are not sensitive, they are likely to die.

On the second day, the staff of relevant departments went to Kunlun mountain. At that time, an army went to find out. At first, people naturally did not believe in the legend of Mantis man. However, when the army arrived at the cave, it found that there was a mantis man in the cave. Although the army fired several bullets at it, it was like a drizzle to it. Therefore, in order to prevent people from entering Kunlun mountain again, the relevant institutions were blocked. In order to avoid causing panic, this news was blocked in those years. It was not until 30 years later that the story of Mantis man appeared in front of people. Although this event was passed on miraculously, there were many loopholes in the carefully studied words.


The lies of

Since ancient times, there have always been many ghost legends in Kunlun mountain. People are always afraid of these things, so people follow the crowd to spread them. Secondly, mantis itself is not the same species as human beings. There is reproductive isolation between human beings and different species, so human beings can not combine with Mantis.

So after so many years, there have been many versions of the mantis man legend in Kunlun mountain. Among them, it might be the lies made up by people in order to attract attention. If we study carefully, we will find that these lies are not tenable at all, so we should treat these legends as paragraphs.

There are always many mysterious phenomena in the world that can not be explained by science. Although science can’t explain everything, we can’t make it up out of thin air. Have you ever heard of the legend of Mantis man?

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