In another 5 billion years, the life of the sun will come to an end. What will be the fate of the earth and mankind?

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, the only planet of intelligent life, and possibly the only planet of life in the solar system. Because of the birth of human beings, the earth has been upgraded to a civilized planet, and at the same time, it has begun to explore the mysteries of the universe.

In the ancient people’s view, the sun is supreme, it is eternal, but with the human into the era of science and technology, more and more knowledge of the universe, the sun also has a lot of knowledge. Now we all know that the sun is actually a star. There are hundreds of billions of stars like this in the Milky way and countless stars in the universe.

The sun is a burning star, its combustion is different from ordinary combustion, is a kind of nuclear fusion reaction. Any form of combustion needs fuel. Naturally, the sun’s nuclear fusion reaction also needs fuel. This fuel is a large amount of hydrogen in the sun. However, the hydrogen will not be endless and will decrease with the passage of time. Therefore, the sun will not burn forever.

According to the observation and research of scientists, it is found that the sun has been burning for 5 billion years. According to the mass of the sun, if it burns for another 5 billion years, it will reach the end of its life. At that time, the sun will expand rapidly and devour the orbit of mercury, Venus and the earth. What will be the fate of the earth and mankind?

For earth life and human beings, the sun is the mother. Without the burning of the sun, there will be no warm earth, no birth of earth life, and no birth of human beings. The earth is able to give birth to life and become a planet of life. It is precisely because it is in the livable zone and the distance from the sun is just right that it has the right light and temperature for life to survive.

As time goes on, the sun will burn less and less. When life comes to an end, the sun will turn to be a red giant. At that time, when we stand on the earth, we will find that the sun is bigger and bigger, as if it is in front of us. With the approach of the sun’s orbit, the temperature of the earth will gradually rise, and life will slowly be unable to survive. Human’s ability to adapt to temperature is not strong. At that time, as long as it is on the earth, the end of human is doomed.

Some people may say that in those billions of years, the earth’s orbit was engulfed by the sun. Will the earth and human beings disappear in this universe? Maybe the ending will be beyond many people’s expectation. If the earth does not have intelligent life, human beings, billions of years, the fate of the earth is engulfed by the sun and destroyed. If human beings did not enter the era of science and technology, the fate of the earth and human beings would be engulfed and destroyed.

However, mankind has entered the era of science and technology, and the progress of science and technology will not stop. Now we have gone out of the earth to explore the universe. With the development of science and technology for billions of years, no one knows how strong human beings will be. However, we know that human science and technology at that time must be extremely powerful, and may have already become capable of crossing the Milky way, or even the Milky way A powerful civilization across the universe.

When human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation, will we stay on the earth, in the solar system? Of course not. At that time, the earth was just the birthplace of human beings. A large number of human beings would go out of the solar system, expand to the Milky way and occupy more colonial planets. Even out of the galaxy, to other lines of expansion and development.

After billions of years, the life of the sun has come to an end, and the expanding sun makes the earth’s orbit no longer safe. At this time, people living on the earth have two choices, either directly leave the earth and migrate to other habitable planets outside the solar system, or transform the earth into a mobile wandering planet. In the early days, the earth can be moved away from the sun, and may continue to live in the solar system for some time.

When the life of the sun is over, it will collapse into a white dwarf. At this time, the solar system will not survive, and the earth will set sail again, leaving the solar system directly to other galaxies, becoming a planet orbiting around the new star. Of course, you can also leave the solar system when the expansion of the sun threatens the earth.

It can be seen that in billions of years, the earth may not be engulfed by the expanding sun. As long as human civilization can continue to develop, the fate of the earth and human beings will change. Of course, some friends will say, can human civilization really develop into billions of years later? We should know that in the whole process of civilization development, we will face many difficulties and disasters.

If human beings are destroyed by some unexpected disasters before they grow up and become a powerful interstellar civilization, then the earth will become a planet without intelligent life again. It is possible that the earth will give birth to new intelligent life in billions of years, but at that time, the sun is just in the process of transforming into a red giant. Looking at the sun getting closer and closer to the earth, the new intelligent life has not yet developed into an interstellar civilization, and can only be swallowed up by the sun along with the earth.

Of course, all of the above is just speculation, and whether the fate of the sun will be destroyed in billions of years due to the depletion of fuel is also an unknown. Under normal circumstances, the fate of the sun in 5 billion years will expand into a red giant, and finally collapse into a white dwarf. Don’t forget the power of human science and technology. The power of science and technology is infinite. It can uncover countless mysteries of the world and the universe. When science and technology develop to a certain extent, it is possible to use powerful science and technology to make the life of the sun extend indefinitely and avoid the fate of expansion, and the earth can survive in the solar system for a longer time.

In any case, the fate of the earth and human beings in the future depends on the development speed of human science and technology. When human beings are able to cross the universe, we believe that no disaster may threaten human beings, even if the destruction of the universe may not threaten human beings, because at that time we can leave this universe and go to other universes to survive.

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