In August, the first super typhoon is coming, and the new storm may reach level 16. Now the emergency response has been started!

16 super typhoon Genevieve is coming, the wind speed is as high as 120kt, the power or unbearable!

The sun continuously provides light and heat for the earth. Every summer, the sun shines directly on the northern hemisphere, causing the temperature to rise, and the ocean energy is also accumulating. Under the perfect cooperation of various conditions, the earth will usher in a new storm, namely typhoon. From July to August of this year, the ocean activity is relatively high, almost spreading to the northern hemisphere, forming a number of typhoons. Typhoon power is unusual, has been in active period, it is said that there is a new typhoon will be upgraded, if not prevented in time, will bring unimaginable consequences, it is Genevieve.

It belongs to a brand-new storm. The legendary experience of it is still amazing. A person standing on the road can be blown away directly by the strong wind. After six years, it finally reappears. It is moving at a speed of 140 km / h, and is expected to continue to strengthen. It will become the first super typhoon with a force of 16 in August. 16 super typhoon Genevieve is coming, the wind speed is as high as 120kt, the power or unbearable!

Genevieve is on the way

At present, the Meteorological Bureau has issued a warning that when the typhoon comes, you should always stay at home and not go out, because the typhoon will cause all kinds of disasters. If the typhoon blows down buildings and collapses on the ground, passers-by who are walking may be crushed to death. Moreover, it is more ferocious than the last storm. It was born in the northeast Pacific and has been moving westward. At present, it has gradually strengthened and crossed the ocean to the Northwest Pacific again. This change is unexpected.

Now it is in the outbreak period, the development speed is very fast, according to the hurricane center of the United States, Genevieve is sneaking into a sea area of Mexico, its maximum wind speed reached 140 km / h, has belonged to the highest typhoon level. At present, experts have confirmed that its outbreak is in progress. Not only that, it still doesn’t mean to stop. It is moving towards the northwest and is expected to continue to upgrade. Genevieve will become the largest typhoon in human history, which will do no less damage to the earth than global warming.

The disaster brought by Genevieve

By 2020, with the emergence of all kinds of disasters, everyone has a deep feeling that global warming has not abated, and there will be new storms and typhoons. We seldom see typhoons at ordinary times. Once they appear, there must be no good things. There is a little danger for human beings anytime and anywhere, because the highest wind speed of ginaviv reaches 120kt, and the gale comes. It’s very powerful to blow a person from the south pole to the north pole, which is beyond ordinary people’s ability to bear.

Seeing the successive disasters, scientists have a bad feeling in their hearts, which seems to send a dangerous signal to human beings. Although everyone very much hopes that Genevieve will not come, no one can contain this natural disaster. They can only do their best to resist it. When the typhoon comes, it’s best to stay at home. No matter any disaster, we should always be alert. What do you think of the birth of Genevieve? You can leave a message for interaction.

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