In caves 5000 years ago, alien heads were found on murals? Suspected aliens visit Earth

Many people think that the modern people’s longing for aliens is due to the influence of a series of science fiction movies, and human beings have the opportunity to go out of space. After they understand the grandeur of the universe, people begin to fantasize that the universe is so big. Then, besides the earth, is there any extraterrestrial life?

And not only modern people hold the same idea, in fact, as early as in ancient times, or ancient times, primitive people have “seen” aliens. What’s going on?

Scientists speculate that the earliest record of unfortunate flight on earth was tens of thousands of years ago, when the backward primitive people decided to carve them into murals because they saw something difficult to understand.

There have long been relevant statements about extraterrestrial life, but many people are not sure, because we have not found the most exact evidence. Recently, scientists found something in a group of prehistoric murals, so they suspect that it may be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Before that, a number of prehistoric murals have been unearthed in the northern hemisphere. Tests have proved that these murals have a history of at least 5000 years, but the images they present are far beyond the imagination of modern people.

In the painting, the head of the alien bears something similar to feathers, which is more similar to that of the Indian. Some scientists believe that the head of the alien bears horns rather than feathers.

In addition, after some other murals, scientists found that although the alien creatures in these murals are similar to human beings, they also walk upright on two feet, but their forelimbs are extremely strong, and their claws grow to the ground.

What’s more amazing is that there is not only one kind of abnormal color in primitive paintings. Scientists have found three kinds of colors in murals. Red is painted with heat-treated ochre, white is scraped, and black is ordinary soot.

The mural is actually 5000 years old, and its design is similar to the heads of some aliens. This is very similar to the alien we are depicting now. The head and eyes of the alien in the mural are very big. Many people are curious: since these murals are 5000 years old, how can we be sure they are aliens?

In fact, in the long history of human beings, the study of extraterrestrials is not new. In the 15th century, a black luminous unidentified object appeared in an Italian painting Madonna and San giovanino. When scientists enlarge it, we can clearly see that the black object in the painting is like a flying saucer.

In addition, Holland painter gard’s work the baptism of Christ is more impressive. Otherwise, this painting is from the early 18th century. Many people think that the one baptized for Christians in the painting is an alien flying saucer. Maybe there is extraterrestrial life in this world, but not necessarily as we think. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments area!

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