In fact, as early as 2015, there was an example of artificial intelligence murdering human beings in Germany

Artificial intelligence has always been manufactured and controlled by human beings. Asimov, a famous American science fiction writer, in his famous work “I, robot”, clearly expounds the three laws of robot

1. Robots can’t hurt people, or make people hurt because they don’t move.

2. Robots must execute human commands unless they violate the first law.

3. Without violating the first and second laws, robots must protect themselves from harm.

Thus, when robots are created, they are limited to serve people.

But in 2015, there was a robot killing in a factory in Germany. The accident happened in the factory of bonatar, about 100 km away from Frankfurt. The killing robot is not a robot working on the assembly line. It is locked in a safety cage and has its own limited working area. It is responsible for grabbing car parts and carrying out related operations.

At that time, a worker and the robot were working in the safety cage. The robot suddenly grabbed the worker’s chest and pressed the worker heavily on a metal plate, resulting in the death of the worker. Afterwards, people checked the robot and found that there was no technical fault or damage. Therefore, this matter is not settled in the end.

Although this kind of thing will not happen from time to time, but the emergence of artificial intelligence in the end will not pose a threat to human beings, this problem can not be underestimated, it is also worth thinking about.

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