In Japan’s Jieliang incident, five children caught “aliens” and the UFO disappeared after some abuse

Extraterrestrial events have happened many times, each time there is a scientific explanation, we do not know whether it is true or false. Anyway, most people haven’t seen it, let alone abused aliens.

However, the five children we are going to talk about today claim to have abused aliens. This is still a very famous event in Japan, that is, the Japanese Liangjie UFO incident.

Around the end of August 1992, a Japanese junior high school boy came home from school and found a metal flying object in a rice field. He was curious and wanted to have a look.

As a result, it gives off a strong light. The boy felt very strange, and he soon gathered his children together. At about eight o’clock in the evening, the five children came to the rice field together again. Strange things are still there, but whenever someone comes near it, it glows and makes a sound. The children were afraid to turn and run away.

A man wanted to catch it, but he didn’t. Children are children. Although they were afraid that they would go to see the strange thing a few days after school, it was gone.

About a week later, it appeared again in the rice field. The children forgot their fears and rushed to catch them. After catching them, they took all kinds of pictures. After playing, the children take this thing back to a child’s home and show it to adults.

As it happens, the father of that family is the director of a science education center. He studied it and felt as if he had seen it somewhere. There are many holes in the ground of this thing, with three amnesty signs in the middle.

But it’s not big. It is about 18 cm in diameter and only 7 cm in height. After looking at it for a long time, he decided that it was just an iron ashtray. Naturally, the children didn’t want to believe it, so they put it in their schoolbags and took it to school to show it to the students, but it disappeared the next morning.

The children are also very strange, so in the next period of time, they continue to squat in the rice fields where they found this kind of thing before. Sure enough, every month later, they found this kind of thing in the rice field.

Maybe it was because the parents said it was not strange, could not be opened, and somehow lost, so the children took revenge action.

They pour water into it and then throw stones at it. The thing in the middle keeps glowing and making noise, but there is no sound behind it.

Then the children took it home and wired it to the socket. After a while, they found that its shell and bottom seemed to be separated.

They continue to break it, break the ice and bake it. In short, they used all possible means. It hasn’t been opened yet, and then, when they tried to bully again, it disappeared.

In addition to five children and their father, the mother of another child also witnessed the incident. As the incident spread further and further, many people naturally did not believe it. The children took out the pictures they had taken before and found nothing in them.

No one is sure what it is. After all, no matter whether it is an alien or not, few people have seen it.

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