In nature, most males are more beautiful than females. Why is it the opposite in the human world?

The earth is a planet rich in intelligent life. In addition to intelligent life, there are millions of animals. Both animals and humans have Yin and Yang, which is what we usually call female and male. Of course, for human civilization, we call them female and male.

If you like studying animals very much, you will find the fact that most male animals are more beautiful than female animals. For example, most male birds display their beautiful appearance to the extreme. The male mandarin duck has bright feathers. Compared with the female mandarin duck, the gap is very obvious.

I believe many friends know that peacocks open screen elegant demeanor, and can open screen peacocks are male peacocks, female peacocks in front of male peacocks, like an ugly duckling. And parrots, also male, are more colorful and beautiful than females.

In addition to birds, in the mammalian world, the male is also more beautiful than the female. For example, the male lion has a powerful body, and there is a very good-looking neck, while the female lion is very common. Even in the poultry industry, males are also more beautiful than females. For example, domestic cocks are much more beautiful than hens.

On the contrary, men are more rough and ordinary, while women spend more time dressing themselves, so women are more beautiful than men in appearance. This is obviously different from the animal kingdom, so why is there such a huge gap?

Humans, in a sense, are mammals. Why don’t we inherit and continue the characteristics that male mammals are more colorful and beautiful than female mammals? Speaking of this, we need to use the laws of nature to explain.

I believe many friends know that nature has a basic law, that is, natural selection, survival of the fittest. First of all, the purpose of male animals dressing up themselves is to please and attract each other, while the purpose of women dressing up themselves in the human world is also to attract and please each other. The difference is to please different people.

So who please whom? This is determined by status. Whose status is higher? Who is the appreciating party? The other party needs to have a stronger advantage to please the high status party. And in the animal kingdom, it’s clear that females have a higher status.

This is mainly because reproduction is the most important thing in the animal world. In the matter of reproduction, females have the absolute initiative and the right to choose males. If males want to win the favor of females, they need to perform better.

The love of beauty, whether in the animal world or the human world, is the same. In animal kingdom, when females choose males, whether they are bright and beautiful is also an important reference. So when male animals show their strong body, they also show their beautiful appearance.

The two male animals with the same strong physique, the one with beautiful and bright appearance, are more likely to win the favor of females. It is the nature of loving beauty that male animals, in the process of evolution, not only make themselves stronger, but also pay great attention to the evolution of bright colors and appearance.

One might ask, why do females in nature have more choices? In fact, it is mainly related to the number of germ cells. We all know that the number of germ cells in female animals is very small, while that in male animals is on the contrary. The number is very large, which leads to the imbalance between supply and demand.

In nature, the same thing is rare, because the number of female germ cells is very small, so they are more precious in the eyes of the male, want to get more reproductive rights, you need to compete with other males, so as to get the favor of the female.

So in the human world, why does the opposite happen? Female germ cells are also very rare. In fact, the main reason for this is that human beings are intelligent animals. After human beings have entered the stage of civilization, there is a form of class society.

In the process of evolution, human beings have formed more complex social groups with strict hierarchy. As a result, men’s means of attracting and pleasing women have become material security and higher social status. In the history of human civilization, men have a lot of means of production, absolute social status and the right to allocate resources.

We all know, who has the resources? Who has the right to speak, has the right to choose. Therefore, when men choose their spouses, they have the absolute right to choose. If women want to win men’s favor, they need to pay more attention to their appearance and get men’s appreciation by dressing up.

In this way, in the development process of human civilization for more than ten thousand years, there are more than 9700 years. Men have absolute supreme status and the right to choose their spouses. Therefore, this special form that women need to get men’s appreciation through dressing has formed.

Of course, as human beings enter the era of science and technology, the status of men and women has been equal, and the status of women is constantly improving. In fact, in nature, the status of females is higher than that of males, which is a very normal development situation. Now the status of men and women is moving towards normal.

Therefore, we can also foresee that in the future, if men want to win the favor of women, they need to learn how to dress themselves in addition to material things, so that they can have a more colorful appearance. In fact, there are signs of this in today’s society. Many men have begun to learn how to dress themselves, while women do not pay as much attention to appearance as they did in the past.

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