In order to clean up space garbage, China is the first to stand up and create a “space cleaner”!

In order to clean up space garbage, China is the first to stand up and create a “space cleaner”!

Judging the degree of development of a country can be observed in many fields, such as economy, politics, science and technology. Over the years, we have felt that China is gradually becoming stronger. It is no longer what it used to be, and it has achieved independence. In the past, the R & D of many technologies had to rely on other countries, but now it is completely self-sufficient, which makes other countries look at it with new eyes.

How is space waste formed?

Since the improvement of science and technology, China has gained higher attainments in the field of aerospace. It has not only developed spaceships, but also a large number of satellites. The most eye-catching is China’s sky eye. They all cost a lot of money to build and are very useful. Almost every country has launched satellites. Outer space is a mysterious territory. Only by continuously launching satellites can we learn more It’s a pity that many satellites can’t work for a variety of reasons, and eventually can only be abandoned by human beings and become space garbage. These space debris will not be removed, and will roam in the universe for a long time. In order to clean up space garbage, China is the first to stand up and create a “space cleaner”!

Among all the space garbage, the garbage caused by satellites accounts for at least 70%. Because of too much garbage, it will also affect the work of other satellites. The more and more space garbage is piled up, the more scientists observe the universe, the more they block their view. For such a long time, no country is willing to take the initiative to clean up space garbage. Only China has come forward and developed aolong-1, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources and is collectively referred to as the space cleaner. The United States is not happy to see China’s achievements.

The reasons why the United States opposes aolong-1

The United States believes that aolong-1 will only interfere with satellites launched by other countries and will not completely remove space garbage, so they do not want China to launch aolong-1. In fact, we can all guess that the United States is afraid that the aolong-1 developed by China is very strong. In the face of China’s rapid development, the United States is extremely alarmed. Although he opposes China’s launching aolong-1, China has its own ideas. Since it has developed aolong-1, it must be for a great goal.

China’s development can not be achieved without the concerted efforts of all of us. Only by uniting can we exert great strength. Whether a country is strong or not, we need the favorable time, place and people to help China get better. All the credit is due to us. Everyone of us is very glad to be born in such a peaceful country, with rapid development of science and technology and economy, enjoying various conveniences. During this period, China has also been suppressed by many countries, but China has never given up and forge ahead to create more meaningful things for the benefit of mankind and the world.

The emergence of aolong-1 gives us more hope to clean up the space garbage. If these space debris are not completely removed, it will affect the future exploration of outer space. After all, if a spaceship is hit by space debris when it enters space, the consequences will be unimaginable, and it will seriously affect scientists’ line of sight to observe celestial bodies. China’s behavior is worthy of praise. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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