In order to conquer the male, female hyenas grow male “reproductive organs”. How do they reproduce?

In fact, the grassland is a world of the jungle. In addition to lions, there is another animal on the grassland that can be said to be the overlord, that is hyena. If some young creatures see hyenas, they don’t have the courage to provoke them. If there are a large number of hyenas, they will bully single lions. Hyenas, like lions, are actually large carnivores with strong fighting power. However, hyenas’ reputation is not so good in human eyes.

In fact, this is because hyenas don’t care about their own image. They often appear in front of human beings as unkempt. In addition, hyenas’ calls are weird, and the way they kill their prey makes people feel very cruel. Therefore, hyenas are not perfect in human eyes, and their reputation is also very bad. Although hyenas are not perfect, they have to admit that their endurance is very good. It’s nothing to do with long-distance running and containment of hyenas. As long as it’s the hyenas they’re after, there’s no way to escape. The hunting scene of hyenas is very cruel, and the hyenas can’t even leave bones.

The physical characteristics of hyenas

So the survival ability of hyenas is very strong. If we encounter hyenas, we can only say that our luck is really bad. In addition, there is something strange about hyenas, that is their breeding methods. In the past, people didn’t know about hyenas, and even many people thought that they were hermaphroditic. If only from the appearance, there was no mistake in saying that. All individuals have a male “Ding Ding bone”, but scientists found that even the female hyenas, their evolutionary process is gradually close to or stronger than the male.

The way hyenas breed

But hyenas in this group, their social system is still very strict, but they still continue the maternal clan system, in the hyenas, the status of the female is still very high, so the female hyenas are more powerful than the male, the combat effectiveness is also much higher. In addition, female hyenas play a dominant role in the process of mating and reproduction, and they have no different reproductive organs from males. This actually means that hyenas’ mating success rate is still very low.

When the male hyenas go through all kinds of hardships, the next step is the female’s special show. Their body structure is not suitable for breeding, so some female hyenas will die in the process of reproduction. Seeing this, many people may have doubts. Since this kind of reproduction is so dangerous, why did the female hyena evolve such a form? Isn’t that the opposite of evolution?

This is because, in order to maintain a strict hierarchy in hyenas, females must secrete male hormones in order to maintain a high status. Although the status of female hyenas is higher, they also bring great danger to themselves. I don’t know what people think?

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