In order to deal with global warming, scientists put forward a crazy plan to get an asteroid in front of the earth

The earth is the home of human survival. People can protect their small homes and clean them every day. And the earth this big home, people’s protection will fade a lot.

With the rapid development of Earth Science and technology and the increase of industrial use, the destruction of the earth by human beings is becoming more and more serious. A large number of trees have been cut down, resulting in the rampant sandstorm. With the deterioration of the earth’s environment, the global temperature is rising year by year, I believe people now have this feeling, every summer, high temperature makes people can’t go out, there are a few areas, the summer temperature can reach 40 degrees, in winter, the climate is like spring. This kind of climate didn’t exist 30 years ago. The elderly feel the most about it. Now it’s not cold in winter, but hot in summer.

This is the result of global warming. Global warming will lead to the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, rising sea levels and frequent floods. If global warming continues like this, the land area of the earth will be less than 20% in 100 years. The living space of human beings is getting smaller, and people’s bodies can’t stand the extremely high temperature.

Global scientists are also very worried about global warming, so they think of a lot of right methods. The following three methods are the crazy plans put forward by scientists.

1、 The ocean is covered with white plastic film

One of the reasons for the high temperature of the earth is that more sunlight falls on the ground. If the sunlight is reflected, the global temperature will fall down? White is the easiest to reflect the sun’s light, so covering the ocean with white plastic film can effectively deal with global warming. But is this really feasible? If you think about it carefully, this is a temporary solution, but not a permanent solution. The ocean is covered with plastic. Isn’t this a greater pollution? What’s more, it’s too ugly. You can imagine the sea surface covered with plastic. It’s a crazy idea. Moreover, the reflected sunlight is still inside the earth, just reflecting the heat into the air. This has a very serious result, that is, no rain and dry climate. This plan is not feasible.

2、 Space umbrella

This plan is to build a super huge translucent glass structure in the sun, and put it on the balance point between the earth and the sun, so as to block part of the sunlight. This plan is feasible, which can effectively reduce the sunlight on the earth, and the temperature of the earth will naturally drop, but the cost of this plan is quite high, and the current space flight of human beings is very difficult The technology is not very developed, so we can only use rockets to send small glass films to space in batches for splicing. This project is also huge. In about 25 years, it will cost at least several trillion US dollars. This money can not be done by one country, it must be done by global cooperation.

3、 Small star dust cloud

This is another plan that a crazy scientist has come up with, that is, to capture an asteroid in space, and then pull the asteroid to the balance position between the earth and the sun, and then humans bomb the asteroid with nuclear bombs to produce a lot of dust, which will surround the asteroid and block the sun’s light for the sun. Theoretically, this plan is feasible. It is similar to the principle of the space parasol. It is to set a wall between the space sun and the earth to block part of the sunlight. However, this plan is very difficult to achieve at present. First of all, it is very difficult for human science and technology to safely tow a small planet. In case of an accident in the towing process, the asteroid will go directly to the earth When the earth comes, it’s a disaster for the earth. Therefore, this plan cannot be put into operation until it is absolutely necessary.

Among the above three crazy plans, only the second space sunshade plan is feasible. Although the cost is huge, it can still be achieved with the current human science and technology, but it is estimated that it is difficult to implement now. After all, it will cost so much money. Countries around the world have not yet realized the severity of global warming. When can countries around the world unite To do one thing.

The earth is the common home of mankind. The main cause of global warming is the excessive use of resources. The most effective way to solve global warming is to stop all gas emissions, stop all fuel vehicles, and switch to new energy sources. In this way, the global temperature will not get warmer after being adjusted slowly. However, it is very difficult to achieve these goals, which involves many countries, A lot of people’s interests. Scientists should actively study new energy. Only by replacing the traditional energy with new energy will the earth’s environment be better. Otherwise, it will become more and more serious. When the earth’s environment is out of control, it will be too late to talk about protection at that time.

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