In order to explore the secret of “the sea of death”, he explored many times in 15 years, but his whereabouts were unknown

In March 1964, he took the lead in entering this desolate land, the Silk Road, which was once numerous and prosperous, and finally the “sea of death” – Lop Nor, which no one dared to set foot on. He collected many samples around Lop Nor and preliminarily identified the rivers here. He believed that there was scarce heavy water resources in the 1960s (heavy water was an important material for manufacturing nuclear energy), so he volunteered to enter Lop Nor to look for this valuable resource. He is pangam.

In 1979, in order to film the Silk Road, he entered Lop Nor for the second time, which not only made the film successful, but also found many valuable resources. In May 1980, he entered Lop Nor for the third time, and this became the last time he entered Lop Nor!

Pengjiamu’s expedition made an in-depth investigation of Lop Nur. Half a month after entering the hinterland of Lop Nur, the team almost ran out of water and gasoline. Pengjiamu hoped to move on alone to solve the immediate difficulties for the expedition, but the team members arrived and sent a telegram to the base. But the next morning, people still only saw the note left by Pengjiamu.

At that time, Peng Jiamu was carrying only two cameras, a kettle and several notebooks that he had been carrying with him. Under the high temperature of about 50 degrees, he was looking for resources alone, but he never came back. In fact, you may think that it’s normal to lose one’s way or one’s person in the desert, but what’s abnormal is that in the subsequent search for Pengjiamu, a total of 1029 people were sent out, and the total search area was 1011 square kilometers, but in the next 20 years, nothing was found.

“Didn’t you leave any footprints?” You might say that. The rescue team did follow the footprints, which is also everyone’s first idea. But when we followed the footprints, the footprints disappeared strangely.

In fact, in the 20 years since then, mummies have been found in Lop Nor. Some people suspect that this is the body of pangam. However, because the location of the body is too far away from the missing place, it was rejected by scientists. But in the winter of 2005, in the hinterland of the desert less than 20 kilometers away from the disappearance of Pengjiamu, a suspected Pengjiamu body was found, but no camera, kettle or notebook was found. There was no clothing on the body.

You may want to say that DNA identification should be done, but due to the technical problems in sampling and the mistakes in preservation, DNA detection was not successful. Although the mummy of the suspected Pengjiamu remains has been preserved, now the whereabouts of Pengjiamu still seems to be a mystery. Why do footprints disappear suddenly? Why did the carpet search of more than 1000 people get nothing? If the mummy found was not Pengjiamu, where did Pengjiamu go?

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