In order to prove that people come from “eggs”, the West spent 2000 years making a lot of jokes

Where do humans come from? I think a lot of people ask their parents when they are young, but they never come to a clear conclusion. However, these problems usually make some young couples blush.

With the growth of age, we gradually understand the objective law of human reproductive development, so as to understand everything. However, human beings did not know this kind of knowledge from the beginning. It has gone through a lot of processes and even made a lot of jokes.

In early civilization, there were different views on the origin of human beings. Murals preserved by some ancient tribes can be seen everywhere, which are regarded as reproductive worship and miracles.

However, the exploration of human reproduction began in ancient Greece. As one of the sages, Aristotle’s exploration of human reproduction began with eggs. Based on rigorous philosophical thinking, Aristotle broke the eggshell, observed it with his own eyes, and compared it with human reproduction.

Although the object of this exploration may not be right, it has made a good start. Although Aristotle didn’t understand science, he explained the origin of human beings with philosophical methods, and believed that the birth of chicken and egg in human beings had some similarities.

Although not necessarily systematic, some of Aristotle’s ideas laid a solid foundation for later embryology.

But Aristotle also had a bad start. After all, he was constrained by the development of the times. Many of Aristotle’s ideas are fallacious. This fallacy also affects the concept of human reproduction.

In addition, in the extended version, the controversy in the field of ideology greatly belittles women’s reproductive status. For a long time, women have been used as reproductive containers, similar to eggshells that have existed for thousands of years.

In the middle ages of Europe, due to the limitation of ancient religion, this view was gradually demonized. In 14th century Switzerland, a rooster was sentenced to death for laying eggs. In the process, people seriously hired a lawyer for the rooster, and the plaintiff swore that the rooster was possessed by the devil.

Although defense lawyers defended the rooster, they were still sentenced to fire by the court to prove that the rooster was possessed by the devil. Even 200 years later, out of faith in God, when Zeus opened an egg and gave birth to life, people subconsciously thought that there were similar eggs in his mother’s body.

In the 16th century, Harvey, a British medical scientist, accompanied Charles I in hunting. They dug up the captured pregnant doe and thought they could find something similar to an egg, but they found nothing. It was not until levinhock invented the microscope that human knowledge about reproduction was gradually liberated from ignorance.

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