In order to prove the existence of time, NASA put the woman into the cave, and the result was shocked!

Einstein once said that time may not exist. Is that the truth? Look at this experiment!

The sun rises in the East and sets in the west is an eternal law. These are determined by time. Time is very important. We live by time every day. We have to watch the time when we go to work and sleep at night. At a certain time, the sun will set. Many people think that time is just the date of the year, with no other meaning. However, Einstein, a famous scientist, does not think so. He said that time and space are only illusions in human thinking. If human beings make mistakes in their subjective cognition of time, then human life will be overturned. To be concise, the meaning of this sentence is that time may not exist at all.

Einstein as a famous scientist, what he said is by no means groundless. If time really does not exist, then what should be the explanation for all this? Once NASA did a magic experiment, they put a woman into a cave, let her survive in the cave, do not give her any information about time, just live by feeling, so what happened to this woman? Einstein once said that time may not exist. Is that the truth? Look at this experiment!

After the experiment started, the woman lived in a cave in the ground. At the beginning, her life was very comfortable. She read books and did sports every day, and could sing aloud by herself. There was no limit. She gradually adapted to this kind of life, and even liked it. However, on the 80th day, there was a problem with the woman’s physical function, and she became extremely lazy. Almost most of the time she lay in bed and couldn’t tell day from night.

When the scientist asked the woman, she felt that time passed slowly, but after a few hours, it was like a century. There is no doubt that her answer means that she has completely lost her sense of time. Without time, we can hardly imagine how terrible life is.

She thought that she had been sleeping for more than ten hours, but it was only ten minutes later. All these things were very strange, and even her spirit became depressed. If it continued, it was estimated that the whole person would collapse, so the experiment stopped. Since then, scientists have tested the woman and found that her weight has directly dropped by 8 kg, and her body is also seriously short of vitamin D, which shows how terrible it is for a person to stay out of the sun for a long time and have no concept of time.

We can’t live without time at all. If we don’t have the concept of time like this woman, our life will be in a mess and our spirit will be in trouble. If we say that time really exists, then Einstein’s time may not exist at all. How can we explain that? It’s hard to explain all this. Do you think time really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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