In order to realize the “flying dream”, American women spent 1 million dollars to implant wings. What happened in the end?

In fact, since ancient times, human beings have been yearning for the sky. When people see birds flying freely in the air, they also long for when they can fly in the sky? With the development of science and technology, human beings have also made airplanes. With the help of these scientific and technological products, we finally realized the flying dream. In fact, as early as the Ming Dynasty, there were scientists in China who developed aircraft. This person is Taocheng road.

The earliest aircraft

In the Ming Dynasty, Tao Chengdao developed an aerocraft. At that time, he installed his own rocket on the back of a seat. The number of these rockets was 47, so he tied himself up with one and held a kite in both hands. After the rocket was ignited, it was able to fly into the sky with the help of thrust and the rising power of the kite. This experiment can be said to be earth shaking. It was very advanced at that time, but the level of science and technology at that time was limited after all. Although his experiment was very sensational, he was also killed.

In the eyes of western scholars, this is also the first person in the world to fly by rocket. To commemorate his achievements, scientists also named a crater on the moon after him. Today’s human beings have already realized the dream of flying, building rockets and manned spaceships, we go further, and the universe is really in front of us. Strictly speaking, this is not a real flight. There are many people who hope to fly into the blue sky without the help of rockets and airplanes. In our opinion, this is like a bridge in a fairy tale, but some people in the world really do it.

A woman with wings

In foreign countries, there is a woman named Asier, who has been longing for the sky since she was a child. When she was very young, she also felt very curious after hearing the story of angels. From that time on, Asier had a deep infatuation with angels. The white wings of angels also became her heart disease. Asier’s family conditions are still very superior. Her parents have been doting on her since childhood. On the day of her 18th birthday, her parents also gave Asier an expensive adult gift, which is a pair of wings.

Her parents knew that her daughter had been longing for wings since she was a child. They once asked the doctor about the feasibility of artificial wings. After getting a positive answer, her parents spent a lot of money to build a pair of metal wings. After seeing the gift, Asier felt very happy, so he also carried out the wing implantation operation with great interest. When she was implanted with these huge wings, her appearance was very similar to that of an angel, but they were only nominal wings. These wings could not take her place in flight. Besides relying on the telescopic device, they were useless for her. The huge wings cost US $1 million.

After the woman implants the wing, how?

Although the current level of science and technology has been very high, and the wing implantation operation is also very successful, there is no technology in the world that can create a pair of wings connecting the nervous system. Although Asher spent $1 million to get a pair of metal wings, her dream of flying didn’t come true. Because of the repulsion between metal and human body, she used antibiotics every day to prevent infection. Even so, the wings didn’t rust. One month after Asier’s wings were implanted, her back was still infected. If the wings were not removed, her back would be rotten and even life-threatening.

In this way, Asier had to take off the wings. After that, she felt more relaxed than ever before. Seeing this, Xiaobian also felt a great pity that she spent so much money just for the dream of flying, and also let her body have an accident. It’s really not worth the loss. After all, human beings are not birds, and there is no way to overcome nature I don’t know what you think of the iron law of the people’s Republic of China?

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