In order to solve the mystery of Loch Ness water monster, scientists continue to explore and found this creature!

With the continuous development of human science and technology, people not only want to create a better future, but also are full of curiosity and want to find out what happened to the earth. For ancient creatures, scientists are also very interested, so we can often hear reports about where the bones of a group of prehistoric species have been excavated.

For the ancient animals, we should be familiar with the Loch Ness monster! The Loch Ness monster is one of the most mysterious and fascinating mysteries on earth. Although its existence has not yet been confirmed, many scientists all over the world believe that it is an ancient creature, a unique reptile that still lives in Loch Ness.

However, as early as 1500 years ago, people began to spread the story that there were huge monsters in Loch Ness who often came out to eat people and animals. According to records, many people have claimed to have witnessed this monster. Some people say that it has long nose of an elephant and is soft and smooth. Some people say that it is a long neck round head; some say that when it appears there are bubbles and splashes everywhere. Various legends are quite different. The more they spread, the more mysterious they become. It sounds daunting.

Until today, there are still witnesses who said they saw the Loch Ness monster with their own eyes and photographed their mysterious figures with cameras.

In 1972, a research group headed by an expert from the American Academy of Applied Sciences, Raines, used an underwater camera to photograph a huge fin foot while exploring loch ness.

Over the next few years, their underwater cameras in Loch Ness took hundreds of pictures, but they never captured any useful images. Until one day, the camera captured a precious lens, this picture has a rhomboid body, a slender neck, neck arched extension, part of the neck is blurred by the shadow.

It is estimated that the water body is about 6.5 meters long. Unfortunately, soon after, the underwater camera was destroyed by a series of water monster attacks and collisions.

Some people speculate that the Loch Ness water monster may exist in the deep ocean. It is precisely because they live in areas that we cannot explore at present that we have not found any evidence to prove their real existence. From the photos taken by many eyewitnesses, some people also think that the Loch Ness monster is actually a descendant of dinosaurs, because there are many similarities between them.

Scientists are very keen on the study of Loch Ness water monster. In 2019, New Zealand researchers have made a major breakthrough, and they are about to uncover the secrets of Loch Ness. Based on the existing photos of water monsters, the researchers repeatedly studied and compared them, and found that these water monsters may be large old eels, which should have lived for more than 100 years.

For ordinary eels, they usually grow up to about 10 years old and swim into the Atlantic Ocean, to Florida to lay eggs, and then spend their lives. But some eels are infertile. They don’t want to risk swimming to the deep sea, so they choose to stay in Loch Ness. Because of the influence of genetic environment and lake water, and there are no natural enemies here, they finally live so long, grow so big, and become what we call “water monsters”.

Maybe scientists’ conjecture is correct. They are giant eels that have been mutated. However, it is difficult to convince the world based on the conjecture of just a few photos. Only in the future can we come up with conclusive evidence and explain them scientifically can we solve this mystery.

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