In order to survive, what has become of the girl who used to transplant orangutan heart?

In order to survive, what has become of the girl who used to transplant orangutan heart?

With the development of science and technology, the living standard of human beings is gradually improved, and nutrition is also increasingly rich. There is no malnutrition at all. Once many poor places had to worry about eating and drinking every day. Now their life has been significantly improved, and they have more and more superior conditions. Especially in the face of many major diseases, they can deal with it through more medical means, which is very important In fact, everyone in the world will get sick. Birth, aging, illness and death have become a natural norm, and no one can escape.

Nowadays, the medical level is more and more developed, many operations can be successful, and the structure of human body is more and more clear. At the same time of in-depth study of human body, scientists also find many genes about other organisms. Some scientists even boldly believe that close relatives of animals can carry out organ transplantation, which sounds absurd, but today’s scientific means can indeed achieve. In order to survive, what has become of the girl who used to transplant orangutan heart?

35 years ago, there was a little girl with congenital heart disease. In order to survive, she had to participate in organ transplantation. Another participant was a gorilla. It’s hard to imagine a gorilla’s heart moving into a human heart. In fact, the body structure of orangutans and humans is the same, and they have become the object of many vaccine clinical trials. Although the appearance of orangutans is not pleasant, this experiment is not infeasible. On the contrary, it provides more ideas for humans. After this organ transplantation, there is no news. Many people are curious about what happened to the little girl later.

Now 35 years have passed, and the little girl has long passed away. She did not grow up. The main reason is that at the time of heart transplantation, there was organ rejection and the body could not bear it. Many people feel very sorry. If this experiment can be successful, no one will die because of the lack of organ transplant donors. Scientists are still exploring more good methods. So far, scientists are not sure whether organ transplantation has any disadvantages?

After all, this is already a kind of trans species transplantation, and the consequences are unbearable. If you are not careful, your life will be in danger. Many technologies are still in their infancy, and human beings need to invest more energy. Now 3D bioprinting technology is speeding up its development. When we have the right organs, maybe human beings will have a leap forward development in many fields, and can also guarantee the safety of human life to the greatest extent. Many people can’t bear the pain and choose to leave. Everyone wants to live here In this world, it is better to live than to die.

Many technologies are deficient, and human beings can not reach such a high level. Only by constantly breaking through and creating more emerging technologies, can there be unlimited possibilities in the future. Also living on the earth, we are all compatriots. One more compassion, the world will be full of love. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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