In order to understand the limit of human suffering from hunger, scientists conducted experiments. What happened to 36 experimenters?

The human body is consuming energy all the time, and three meals a day has become the supplementary source of human energy. Beauty is human nature, especially with the improvement of living standards, more and more young people are clamoring to lose weight. For some people who are easy to lose weight, they often take an unscientific way to lose weight, that is, diet. If people diet for a long time, it will definitely affect their health, but what will be the final result? Scientists have done an experiment, which may be able to solve the problem for us.

Human civilization has lasted for thousands of years. Although China has the right to speak in the world power, there are still many countries in the world that are not satisfied. Especially in some war prone areas, three meals a day has become a luxury. In many people’s cognition, if people do not eat for a long time, they will be skinny and eventually die. How long is the limit of human suffering from hunger? If you are hungry for a long time, what will be the impact on the human body? To answer these questions, American scientists found 36 volunteers and conducted a diet experiment.

Dieting experiment

At that time, 400 volunteers signed up to participate in the experiment. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and the authenticity of the data, the scientists only selected 36 male volunteers. After testing their bodies, they started a one-year diet experiment. During the year, the experiment was conducted in three stages. Scientists have been paying attention to the psychology and physiology of the 36 men. In the first stage of the experiment, the mental state of the subjects was very good. For about three months, the volunteers would eat two meals a day.

After the second stage of the experiment, these subjects will face the challenge of dieting. Their food supply has more than doubled. Without meat supplement, they can only eat some bread every day. In addition, they also had to do 5 kilometers of walking every day, and it didn’t take long for several experimenters to withdraw from the experiment. At the end of the second phase, the volunteers began to lose weight, each looked bony and in a very poor mental state.

experimental result

At this time, the experimenters had many physical diseases, such as hair loss, anemia and slow reaction, which became the status quo of the experimenters at that time. Now they feel that the young people who used to be depressed have no vitality. When these experimenters entered the third stage, they were not interested in food. Some experimenters even went into a state of violence and began to collapse.

This experiment is really crazy. Although the experimenters entered the recovery period after the experiment, according to the follow-up data report, each of them entered the state of overeating, resulting in their poor physical fitness, and many people regret participating in this experiment. So unscientific dieting is harmful to human beings, but the price many people pay to keep slim is unimaginable, which is not worth the loss. So Xiaobian also advise you, young people must be scientific fitness, avoid unscientific diet.

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