In rural areas, there are “pregnant women’s urine collection cars”. Men like to drink and women like to use them. The supply is in short supply

When it comes to “pregnant women’s urine”, many of them may not be familiar with it. But when it comes to children’s urine, many friends must have heard of it. “Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded that children’s urine can be used to treat many diseases, but what’s the matter with the “urine collection car for pregnant women” in rural areas? It is said that many pregnant women can save their own urine and then exchange it with the urine collection truck for washing powder, washbasin, etc., especially for the first morning urine after getting up in the morning. Is there the second largest urine after child urine?

In fact, this is what happened. Xiaobian also found that after consulting a lot of information, ah, pregnant women’s urine has the following four advantages.

1. Medicinal

This is the most reliable statement at present, because the urine of pregnant women contains a large amount of estrogen and gonadotropin, which can be used in medicine to produce some drugs to stabilize and protect the fetus, and can also be used to produce some test paper for pregnancy test. To be honest, Xiaobian never thought that the urine of pregnant women has such a big effect.

2. Farm

It is said that some farms will mix pregnant women’s urine with sow’s feed, which can greatly improve the pregnancy rate of sows. But this is actually a folk prescription, and whether it is useful or not can not be confirmed by Xiaobian.

3. Sale

Xiaobian has heard of this kind of similar saying before. Employers will put pregnant women’s urine on the Internet for sale. Some white-collar women may buy this kind of urine in order to cheat them out of their holidays, and then forge a pregnancy certificate. However, if we only associate this with female white-collar workers, it seems narrow-minded, because many women with ulterior motives may also use this method to cheat money from men. It’s terrible to think about it.

4. Making medicinal wine

It is said that many people will mix pregnant women’s urine with medicinal liquor. After drinking, men can not only invigorate the kidney and strengthen Yang, but also treat some male diseases.

But in fact, some experts say that although the urine of pregnant women does contain hormones, if the urine is not disinfected, there will be many viable bacteria in it, which is very harmful to the human body. It is best not to drink directly. What do you think of this? Have you ever seen a car that recycles urine?

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