In Shi Yi Ji, Qin Shihuang had contact with aliens and started to build the Great Wall after talking all night?

At all times and in all countries, there have been all kinds of legends about aliens coming to the earth. Moreover, the Ming Dynasty’s “shiyiji” also recorded such a paragraph: “there are people of wanqu who come by spiral boat. The boat is shaped like a snail. It goes down to the bottom of the sea and does not submerge into the water. Its people are ten feet long and weave the hair of birds and animals to cover its shape. When the first emperor spoke to the emperor and the heaven and the earth opened, it was like seeing it in person. “

That is to say, a group of highly civilized aliens came to the earth very early, came to China at that time, and set up a base, called wanqu country. Their purpose is to carry out scientific investigation on the earth. They are active in the ocean, using a boat like a top as a means of transportation. This kind of transportation is amphibious, traveling thousands of miles a day, and what we call flying saucer U Fo seems to be almost the same. Of course, they also have a very important task, that is, to monitor the human world. Whenever there is a new trend, even if it is 18000 miles away, they have to fly to see it.

At this time, China had completed the great cause of reunification under the leadership of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, and it could be said to be the dominant party on the earth. These aliens can’t wait to come here, have friendly contact with Qin Shihuang, discuss the plan of building the great wall together, and even leave a figure of activity on the Great Wall. So, was the Great Wall really built by the alien Emperor Qin Shihuang? What was the real purpose of Qin Shihuang’s construction of the Great Wall?

The reason why some people think that the great wall of China was built with the help of aliens is that, at that time, the construction of the Great Wall was a very huge project. We can’t imagine how to build such a great building without the help of machines. Therefore, we believe that it must be built with the help of aliens.

What’s more, if Qin Shihuang hadn’t seen aliens, how could he have made arrows like bullets, straight roads like highways, huge terracotta warriors and horses, and sent 400000 troops to drive Xiongnu to the north.

Therefore, four-dimensional and even higher dimensional civilization exists, and Qin Shihuang has contacted with four-dimensional aliens, so he has made so many achievements. After he ascended the throne and unified the six countries, he did not indulge in his own achievements, but was worried all the time. In order to make the Qin Empire have long-term stability, he joined hands with aliens.

But most people think that the saying that the great wall of China was built with the help of aliens spread on the Internet is extremely absurd and ridiculous. They firmly believe that the Great Wall is the result of the hard work of the ancient Chinese working people, and has nothing to do with aliens.

Did aliens help build the great wall of China? Xiao Bian thinks that anyone with a little brain can know how ridiculous this statement is. But if we think about it carefully, whether aliens exist is still a mystery. In the vast universe, we can’t deny the existence of aliens.

Do you think the Great Wall has something to do with aliens? Did Qin Shihuang see aliens? Welcome to comment area.

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