In Siberian permafrost, 42000 year old creatures have been found

In the vast universe, the earth is like a mythical miracle, which is the cradle of life. It not only provides the living space for human beings, but also provides rich natural resources for human beings, so that human beings can live and multiply on the earth. As a higher creature, human beings are always exploring the significance of the existence of the universe and life. In the process of exploration and research, how to prolong human life is a problem that countless scientists have always wanted to explore. With the continuous development of scientific and technological civilization, human life is still only a few decades, so what method can be used to completely solve this problem?

In the process of decoding the code of life, scientists found that there are two ways to prolong life. One is to start from the human gene level, by changing the aging cells, we can extend human life by about 20%. The other is the use of refrigeration technology to extend human life. After a person is declared dead in medicine, the body is frozen and thawed until the medicine is developed to a certain extent.

Scientists successfully resurrected the frozen worm 42000 years ago

To recreate the miracle of life

Where is the coldest place in the world? Many people will think of Siberia. Siberia is synonymous with cold. The north wind is whistling. Here is the birthplace of the winter wind. The exhaled water vapor can instantly form ice. Everything is ruled by the piercing cold. In this extremely cold climate, life is locked in deep frozen soil, such as worms. So far, the most tenacious animals on earth are worms. They are not afraid of cold and high temperature. Even in the environment of lack of oxygen, they can still survive for a long time. Some scientists believe that under the frozen soil in Siberia, the buried worms are not dead. Due to the cold climate, they are only frozen all the time. Once the appropriate temperature changes, they can revive.

In order to confirm this expectation and verify the miracle of life, scientists extracted hundreds of worms from frozen soil in Siberia through freezing technology, and successfully revived the worms that had been sleeping for 42000 years with the help of science and technology. This experiment proves that freezing technology can prolong life. In the frozen state, organisms just fall into a deep sleep. Once unfreezing meets the conditions, Freeze and the body will come back to life.

Freezing technology has been widely used and a breakthrough has been made in the exploration of the universe

1. It can be applied in the field of Medicine – the most desperate thing for human beings is that they have come to the end of their lives before they can finish what they want to do. Especially for some people with cancer, they are more eager to live than anyone else. Now this freezing technology has been widely used in the field of medicine and has become a blessing for cancer patients. To freeze cancer patients, when medical technology is sufficiently developed, thawing technology will be used to wake them up, and then medical high technology in the future will be used to treat them. Although this process is very long, it is also the best way to prolong human life at present.

2. Can be applied to explore space – human exploration of space has never been interrupted, many things need to be explored and discovered slowly. However, human life is limited. If we want to explore space for a long time, we need to use freezing technology to extend our life and freeze the time of the universe. After the body is resurrected, we can continue to explore the universe.

The process of refrigeration technology is long, but it is unrealistic to enter the reality

Freezing technology is not a fantasy in science fiction films. Now it has been used in the field of medicine. However, many people think that freezing technology is a long process. Although it is used in practice, it is impractical. After all, a person who has been sleeping for decades, centuries or even thousands of years will wake up again and face a completely strange world. Time has changed. This is not an extension Life is a good technology.

“Birth, aging, illness and death” is an unchangeable law endowed by nature to the whole world. Once it is destroyed, it may bring unimaginable consequences to human beings. In the process of exploring the vast universe, we must follow the laws of nature, and then give full play to the spirit of pursuit. We believe that one day, we will find the mystery of immortality and life extension according to the laws of nature.

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