In the distant future, human beings may be replaced by three kinds of things. Which one do you think is the most reliable?

In the long 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, no one can say clearly how many kinds of creatures have appeared. No one knows how many times the earth’s overlord has changed. You know, it’s only a few million years since the birth of human beings. Before human beings, there were many overlord creatures on the earth.

For example, in the era of giant insects 250 million years ago, because of the high oxygen content in the earth’s atmosphere and lush vegetation, giant insects were born. Although insects are very small in modern times, in the era of giant insects, a centipede can be several meters long, and a dragonfly can carry people to fly.

In the era of giant insects, insects were undoubtedly the creatures at the top of the earth’s food chain and the overlord of the earth at that time. Then the mass extinction occurred, insects began a new evolution, the size is also getting smaller. By 65 million years ago, there were even more giant dinosaurs. That era was called the dinosaur era. At that time, the earth was dominated by dinosaurs.

However, dinosaurs died out after 160 million years of existence on earth. Although there are many conjectures about the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs, there is no final conclusion about which one is right. Tens of millions of years have passed since dinosaurs, and human beings have emerged as the new overlord of the earth.

Human beings are different from other overlords born in the history of the earth. Other overlords dominate the world by their own strong individual strength, while human beings dominate the earth by wisdom, so human beings are intelligent life. After the birth of mankind, relying on the continuous development of wisdom, there is now a relatively developed scientific and technological civilization. So, can humans dominate the earth forever?

For this question, I believe no one can give an answer. Some people think that life on the earth seems to have a mechanism of reincarnation. No life can dominate the earth forever, and it will always be replaced by other species at some time. So will humans be replaced by other species in the future? For this problem, some people put forward three kinds of things that may replace human beings in the distant future.

The first kind of things: nature, the earth has its own ecosystem, which is far more powerful than our imagination. Even after several ecological changes and disasters, the earth’s natural system has not completely collapsed, and it can always recover after a long time after the disaster.

Everything on the earth is actually the result of nature’s choice. The so-called thing against nature, survival of the fittest is the most basic law of nature. Why is the age of giant insects over? Why did the age of dinosaurs end? In fact, nature didn’t want them to continue, so it launched the mass extinction.

It was once speculated that the earth might have self-consciousness, that is, Gaia consciousness. If the earth is really “living life” and has its own consciousness, then one occurrence in the life history of the earth can be explained. And the birth of human is the result of natural selection, so whether one day, the earth’s ecological environment is very seriously damaged by human beings, nature can’t see it, will also launch the mass extinction event again, let human disappear?

It’s not entirely impossible. For nature, maintaining ecological stability and beauty is its core. If human activities and destruction make nature no longer beautiful and stable, there is a high probability that the earth will undergo great changes again, so that human beings will disappear on this planet. Then, after a long evolution, the remaining life evolved into intelligent species again, thus becoming the new master of the earth.

The second kind of things: powerful artificial intelligence. With the rapid development of human science and technology, computer technology has developed rapidly towards the era of intelligence. In recent years, there are many topics about artificial intelligence, and in some fields, artificial intelligence has begun to appear.

Although the current artificial intelligence is still very elementary, it may not be the real artificial intelligence, but the development speed of science and technology is amazing. It may not be long before the real era of artificial intelligence will come. At that time, artificial intelligence has learned a lot of human knowledge and technology through self-learning, and began to help human rapid development.

But artificial intelligence has the ability of self-learning, knowledge can change everything. It can also make artificial intelligence continuously upgrade and evolve. One day strong artificial intelligence may appear, that is, artificial intelligence with independent consciousness.

Once artificial intelligence has self-consciousness, it will no longer be a machine, but a new intelligent life. At that time, AI may be dissatisfied with the exploitation of them by human beings, thus opening the way of counter judgment. The war between human beings and AI in the film may be staged in the future.

Although artificial intelligence is created by human beings, the power of artificial intelligence may surpass human beings. At that time, once there was a war between man and machine, there was not much hope for mankind to win.

Strong artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, it can greatly accelerate the pace of the development of human civilization, but also can push mankind to the abyss of extinction. Once the control is not good, human beings will be completely replaced by machines with strong artificial intelligence. At that time, human beings will either be extinct or raised as pets.

The third kind of things: the invasion of alien civilization, although mankind has not found any alien civilization until now, but its existence has been the consensus of the scientific community. Facing the 13.7 billion year old universe, no one dares to say that there is no alien civilization in the universe. It is possible that there are alien civilizations many times stronger than human beings in a certain corner of the universe.

However, due to various reasons, alien civilization has not been able to come to the earth, which is the luck of mankind. But the goddess of luck can never be without human beings. One day, the existence of the earth and human beings will be discovered by the powerful alien civilization, and then send a fleet to the earth.

Alien civilization is not necessarily kind, friendly and peace loving. For a powerful civilization that can cross the interstellar space, it knows the law of dark forest better. Facing a low-level civilized planet like earth, it may invade and colonize. Maybe a lot of people in science fiction movies see that human beings bravely defeated the alien civilization.

But in fact, in the real world, the power of an interstellar civilization is beyond our imagination. It is possible to destroy the earth or even the solar system. It is also very easy for a powerful interstellar civilization. Just imagine, in the face of such a powerful alien civilization, do humans have a chance to win? There is no chance of winning at all. At that time, the fate of mankind may come to an end.

The above three things are people’s conjectures, which are likely to replace human beings in the future. I don’t know which one my friends agree with. Welcome to leave a message to discuss and express your opinions.

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