In the early days of the earth in an oxygen free environment, how was the first life born? Most people didn’t expect it!

In the early days of the earth in an oxygen free environment, how was the first life born? Most people didn’t expect it!

The mystery of the origin of human beings is an eternal problem, which has puzzled scientists for many years, and can not be solved with the existing knowledge. When we were children, we all heard the myth that Nuwa created human beings. At that time, we childishly thought that all human beings were created by Nuwa. With the growth of age, this view is gradually overturned, the fact is not as simple as imagined.

The mystery of human origin

Ever since we heard of Darwin’s theory of evolution, we have once again overturned our cognition. The ancestors of human beings are ancient apes. Through long evolution and evolution, we have formed modern humans. Therefore, the change of environment will affect the evolution of a species. During this period, human beings gradually liberated their nature, had a unique brain, learned to use tools, stood out among many creatures and became masters of the earth. Seemingly simple, in fact, human beings have experienced countless hardships. In the early days of the earth in an oxygen free environment, how was the first life born? Most people didn’t expect it!

At present, chimpanzees are the most similar to human genes, and humans always regard chimpanzees as the key experimental objects. If chimpanzees are raised as human beings, will they evolve the same high intelligence as human beings? Many people have done experiments, and the final results are very tragic. It is obvious that chimpanzees and humans are very different. It’s a great honor for humans to shed a lot of hair and develop skills that chimpanzees don’t have.

Environmental conditions in the early days of the earth

According to the relevant historical records, in the early days of the earth, there were organic molecules everywhere. Because of its small size, it could not withstand the changes of the environment, and finally the earth returned to the wilderness. At the beginning, the earth is an oxygen free environment, the sun directly shines on the earth’s surface, many organisms due to ultraviolet radiation, body changes. At the same time, anaerobic organisms have finally emerged, which change the earth’s environment and release oxygen through photosynthesis. The earth has gradually entered an aerobic environment, and everything has changed. With the emergence of more and more new species and reproduction, the earth has a vibrant appearance.

Many dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. Then the earth plate movement occurred again, and many creatures continued to live on the land. By coincidence, human beings began to develop their brains, have more unusual intelligence than ordinary creatures, and gradually learn the ability to walk upright, thus widening the gap with other creatures. Before human beings appeared, there were many other organisms, which could be single cell or multi cell. Thanks to them, otherwise there would be no human.

It was only 3.2 million years ago that the first man really evolved on the earth. The evolution process is complex and long, and it is not achieved overnight. Although many people want to find out how the first man on earth came, how can we make clear what happened in history? Scientists can only continue to make bold guesses. It’s possible that humans evolved from apes, or that they were created by other creatures. In your opinion, who created the birth of the first human being? You can leave a message for interaction.

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