In the future, most of human work will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Where will we go?

The age of science and technology is also the age of machinery. In 1712, Thomas Newco and others invented the steam engine, and since then, the industrial age has officially opened. The arrival of the industrial age liberates people’s hands and drives the rapid development of human civilization.

So just after entering the industrial age, has human work and life been affected? The answer is yes. Before the industrial revolution, people’s work was manual labor. An industry needed a lot of people to work, so at that time, basically everyone had work to do. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the number of people needed by the factory will be greatly reduced. Only a small number of people are needed to operate the machine.

Therefore, at the beginning of the industrial age, many people lost their jobs. However, with the rapid development of industry, people have new jobs again. Instead of machines replacing hands, many people can’t eat. On the contrary, more people can have enough to eat, driving the progress of human civilization.

This is the charm of Industrial Science and technology, it brings people a better life. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings will face a new era, that is the era of artificial intelligence. I believe many people know that in recent years, artificial intelligence has been discussed most in the scientific community. The development speed of artificial intelligence is also amazing. A few years ago, it was still in the concept, but by 2019, there will be the first generation of artificial intelligence products.

It can be said that 2019 will be another important watershed in the development of human civilization. We have officially entered the era of artificial intelligence, which is a great era, but also a frightening era. Artificial intelligence is great because it will lead human civilization to leap again. We should know that only a few major leaps have been made in the era of science and technology for hundreds of years. Each big leap is a new era.

Now our science and technology has developed into a very embarrassing situation. There has been no substantial breakthrough in science and technology for decades, especially in space exploration. Once human civilization makes another big leap, it will be possible to enter the real interstellar age, and mankind will fully open the era of space exploration. At that time, space mining and alien migration will no longer be problems.

And to achieve such a big leap, the role of artificial intelligence will be very big, can be said to be the key. The age of artificial intelligence is a frightening one for two reasons. One reason is that with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, its intelligence will become more and more powerful. In addition to the lack of emotion and self-consciousness, it may be far superior to human beings in intelligence.

The most powerful ability of artificial intelligence is learning, it can quickly learn human knowledge, we need more than 10 years to complete the knowledge, artificial intelligence may only take a few hours or even shorter. Such a strong learning ability scares human beings. We should know that in many sci-fi movies, after the birth of self-consciousness, artificial intelligence will become the opposite and enemy of human beings.

Although the possibility of artificial intelligence’s birth of self-consciousness is very small, theoretically speaking, it is not impossible. Human beings are worried that artificial intelligence will one day give birth to self-consciousness, which will lead to the outbreak of man-machine war. Another worry about AI is that it may replace most of human work.

If human work is replaced by artificial intelligence, where will we go? We need to know that the essence of human survival is work. Without work, there will be no income. Without income, we can not survive and enjoy a better life. So is it true that artificial intelligence will replace most human work in the future? As long as they understand, they will not doubt.

Now many factories are mainly machine production, but the operation still needs manual work. But in the future, artificial intelligence robots will replace all this, and unmanned factories will become the mainstream. In addition to these assembly line factories will be replaced by artificial intelligence, many liberal arts jobs will also be replaced by artificial intelligence, such as lawyers.

In modern times, lawyer is a very popular job, but also a highly educated industry. People without certain ability can not become lawyers, and lawyers are also a huge industry in human society. But in the future, AI can do 90% of the legal advisory work in 30 seconds.

And human lawyers can only achieve 70% accuracy, and the efficiency is far less than artificial intelligence. The future world only needs 10% of the current lawyers. The reason why we still need very few professional lawyers is that some work still needs emotional people to carry out, and artificial intelligence can’t complete emotional tasks.

In addition to the lawyer industry, the future medical industry will be basically replaced by artificial intelligence. Now we need to go to the hospital for doctors to diagnose, but in the future era of artificial intelligence, intelligent doctors will appear. We only need to input the cases of various diseases in the world into the artificial intelligence program, it can quickly learn all the medical knowledge and master the clinical experience.

Artificial intelligence doctors can accurately judge whether a person is sick, what kind of disease he has, and give a reasonable treatment plan. Its accuracy and efficiency are four times higher than that of human doctors. The intelligent robot can process and analyze tens of millions of data cases in 60 seconds, so as to give an accurate result, which is beyond the reach of human doctors.

Moreover, the intelligent robot can also enter all kinds of very difficult operations, and its success rate is much higher than that of human doctors. It can be said that in the future, there will only be a very small number of doctors in hospitals. The reason why a small number of doctors are still needed is that the emotional communication with patients needs to be completed by human doctors. Artificial intelligence cannot do it. Therefore, the doctor in the future is only a customer service, engaged in emotional communication with patients, and other medical diagnosis is done by artificial intelligence.

In addition to the above two industries, most of the industries in human society will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Some people may say that artificial intelligence has done all human work, so what do we do? Are they all at home? Of course not. In fact, the work that people are worried about will be replaced by artificial intelligence. The situation that human beings have nothing to do and no food will not happen.

There are two main aspects of human work in the future. One is scientific research. Although artificial intelligence is very powerful, they do not have the ability to develop and create new technologies. They can only learn and apply the existing technologies and knowledge of human beings. Besides human greatness is invention and creation. When human work is replaced by artificial intelligence, more people have more time to engage in scientific research.

Therefore, in the future, there will be more and more scientists, various new technologies will be discovered quickly, and human civilization will usher in a new round of technological explosion. After scientists have developed new technologies, artificial intelligence will produce them, and the products will serve human beings.

In addition to scientists, another important task of human beings in the future is space exploration. Once human science and technology leap again, it is possible to enter the interstellar age. At that time, human beings can go out of the solar system and explore some nearby galaxies. The vast space exploration needs a large number of personnel. If human beings realize the interstellar migration, it needs a large number of personnel to go there.

The universe is too big, and there are countless mysterious areas. If human want to have more knowledge of the universe, nature cannot do without a lot of exploration. In the future, these exploration tasks will be handed over to all personnel engaged in exploration. They will take spaceships to disperse to every corner of the universe, continue to explore in depth, and feed back important information.

Once mankind has become an interstellar civilization, the number of people needed to explore the universe is a huge number. In the future, even if artificial intelligence takes the place of human work, we don’t have to worry about nothing to do. On the contrary, the rapid development of artificial intelligence will make human civilization develop faster and make human life better.

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