In the future, these industries may be replaced by robots, even including sex workers

With the gradual development of the robot field, some industries have been gradually replaced by robots. While vigorously developing the robot field, many people ask themselves, if human work is replaced by robots in the future, what should human do? Today, I’d like to make an inventory of several occupations that may be replaced in a few years.

1. Driver

What Xiaobian said here will be replaced by robots in the future, not only including all drivers, because once drivers are replaced, there is no need for driving schools to exist.

The emergence of driverless system makes travel more convenient. People are no longer limited to “driving without drinking”, or even “drinking in the car”. At present, many enterprise giants focus on the development of driverless field, and even research shows that driverless cars will occupy the highway in 2030.

You may think it’s incredible, but it’s not the highest level. The highest level is a kind of “people-oriented man-machine co driving”. Your car itself is a robot. For example, when you go out to work in the morning, the car may ask you: have you had breakfast? Do you want to find a place to eat first? You will say: OK. Then the robot uses its own system to recommend you some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood, and takes you there after you choose.

2. Factory worker

In fact, many large-scale factories have already gradually introduced full-automatic equipment similar to robots. All kinds of robot arms replace human power and work day and night.

But as far as these factory robots are concerned, they are still at the low end. Because the factory workers belong to the “mechanical” monotonous work, this kind of work is most likely to be replaced by all intelligent robots, which can not only improve the efficiency, but also save the cost. However, once factory workers are replaced by intelligent robots, there may be a lot of unemployment in the future.

3. Service staff

The service staff here include the waiters, salesmen, front desk and so on. Not blowing, not black, as early as the winter of 16, about a year ago. Xiaobian has only a few yuan in his pocket when he goes out. He goes out to buy clothes for a day, even meals and a taxi. After he goes home, he has a few yuan in his pocket. Did you ever think that mobile payment would develop like this? Mobile phones are wallets.

At present, Ali’s unmanned supermarkets and restaurants are developing rapidly. Indeed, after the emergence of robots, many robot restaurants have appeared one after another. The biggest feature of robot restaurants is that the service personnel are all robots, and even some hotels have robot receptions. In this way, will there be any service industry for people in the future?

4. Delivery man

As early as April 2017, there were robot caterers in London, UK, known as “starships”. At present, China is also vigorously developing the field of “food delivery robot”. Of course, the work scope of the food delivery robot mentioned by Xiaobian not only includes food delivery, but also logistics, pick-up and delivery, and even running errands in the same city.

5. Sex workers

Sex workers have been around the world for thousands of years, but the emergence of sex robots seems to have a great impact on this field. I believe many people have known that the newly emerged sex robot, equipped with AI system, can not only communicate with people, joke, but also have learning function. Sex robots also have good bodies and good faces. In contrast, why do you have to choose people as your sex objects?

Can you imagine that these jobs may be replaced? However, with the development of robotics, robots can definitely replace more than these fields. What other fields do you think can be replaced? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area. Let’s discuss it together. If you like, pay attention.

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