In the history of the “ghost killing” event, most people dare not try, it is chilling!

In the history of the “ghost killing” event, most people dare not try, it is chilling!

Many people have always believed that ghosts are not real, which is due to personal psychology. Many people have told that they have experienced ghost fighting against the wall. Although ghost fighting against the wall is very strange, it can not prove the existence of ghost. If ghosts really exist, then the world is not too terrible. Many timid people, especially in the dead of night, will feel that there are people around them. In fact, most of this comes from their inner fear and uneasiness.

However, in the whole history, there is an anecdote in the United States, which is a “ghost killing” event. So far, no explanation has been found. So how did this happen? At the beginning, the seventh president of the United States was Andrew Jackson. He came from an ordinary background, but he had a famous saying in his life that he would rather deal with a whole British fleet than stay at the bell’s house for one night. This famous saying is thought-provoking. Why did he say such a thing? What about the bell family? In the history of the “ghost killing” event, most people dare not try, it is chilling!

Bell’s family is located in a small town on the Red River in Jenna. The man’s name is John Bell. He is a gifted and intelligent man. He made great achievements when he was young. After he married his wife, he was very affectionate. In 1818, bell found a dog with a rabbit’s head in the field. He was very curious, so he planned to study it carefully and shot the dog When he was ready to take the body of the dog, he found that there was nothing in the place where the dog fell, which was very strange.

Later, he went hunting with his son. He saw a strange bird in the tree, and he shot. The bird clearly fell from the tree, but there was nothing on the ground. When he went to bed at night, he often heard the sound of knocking on the window and stepping on the floor. At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it and thought it was someone’s prank. When he really went to open the door, he felt a trace of coolness. At that time, he heard the sound of rats gnawing on the bed in the middle of the night. He looked under the bed and saw nothing at all.

What’s more strange is that he often hears women humming, which makes him feel uneasy at all. One night, his daughter was suddenly attacked. Something invisible was pulling her hair. Her hair was standing up in the air. It was very strange. Bell felt a little flustered in his heart. Although he invited Exorcist to do it, they all ran away. At that time, many people were shocked by this strange event, and no one dared to stay at Bell’s house all night. Although scientists were studying it, they never found the root cause.

John Bell also made his own guess. He said that it was likely to be related to his neighbor. He once had a big economic dispute with his neighbor. Before he died, he also said that you would not let go of being a ghost. Maybe this is the ghost of the neighbor who has been pestering him. What’s your opinion on this incident? You can leave a message for interaction.

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