In the long evolution of 6 million years, human beings have lost a pair of chromosomes. What’s the matter?

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth and the only intelligent life in the known universe. As for the origin of human beings, after entering the era of science and technology, scientists began to explore and study. Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that any complex life is evolved step by step from the most primitive simple life.

So is the origin of human beings. In a sense, human beings and all life on earth have a common ancestor. However, the origin of human beings explored by scientists can not be traced back to hundreds of millions of years ago, billions of years ago. The origin of human beings that we want to study starts from some biological differentiation, that is, one part continues to evolve in the original direction, while the other part changes and evolves towards intelligent life.

According to the exploration and discussion of scientists, the mainstream view in the scientific community is that both humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor. About 6 million years ago, humans and chimpanzees separated on the road of evolution, and gradually evolved into two completely different species over the long years.

So where is the core code of life evolution? In 1879, German biologist Walser Fleming discovered chromosome. In the following decades, people gradually understood that chromosome is the main carrier of genetic information, which is closely related to the continuation of species.

Any life has its own chromosome information, whether it is bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms or advanced life such as human beings, there are chromosomes. The difference is that the size and shape of chromosomes are very different. Human beings are advanced life. Naturally, they have a very complex chromosome series, which contains all the information of human beings. Even the important information in the long history of human evolution may also be preserved in the chromosome.

Since humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor, does that mean that both humans and chimpanzees have the same number of chromosomes, 24 pairs? Theoretically speaking, two organisms have the same origin, so the number of chromosomes should be equal. But when scientists continue to in-depth study of chromosomes, they found that the number of human chromosomes is 23 pairs.

Human chromosomes are one pair less than chimpanzees, while other chimpanzees still have the same number of chromosomes, the same 24 pairs. Did chimpanzees have more chromosomes in later evolution? According to follow-up studies, it’s not that chimpanzees have more chromosomes, but that a pair of human chromosomes mysteriously disappeared. What’s the matter?

We need to know that chromosome is the core of biology. Any small abnormality on chromosome will bring serious consequences to life. For example, patients with Down’s syndrome have one more chromosome 21. The loss of a pair of chromosomes like human is a great event.

So what happened in the long years after humans and chimpanzees split up 6 million years ago? Why lose a pair of chromosomes for no reason? You know, each pair of chromosomes contains a lot of information about the evolution of life. The loss of a pair of chromosomes also means that human beings have lost a considerable amount of wealth, which must have a great impact on human beings.

Some people speculate that the reason why some chimpanzees began to evolve into intelligent life six million years ago is related to the loss of this pair of chromosomes? Is it because of the accidental loss of this pair of chromosomes that human beings were born? Is this pair of chromosomes lost naturally or is there any other artificial reason?

As a result, some enthusiasts of alien civilization research have put forward bold conjecture. They think that maybe millions of years ago, some alien civilization came to the earth, and they don’t know what the purpose is. These aliens used advanced genetic technology to transform the human ancestors, transforming the original 24 pairs of chromosomes into 24 pairs. After the transformation, the human ancestors quickly gave birth to wisdom and opened the door It’s the way to dominate the world.

Of course, the above argument about the transformation of human ancestors by aliens has not been supported by many scientists. More scientists still believe that the disappearance of human chromosomes may be a natural law of evolution, and it is this special evolution that makes human become an intelligent life. Moreover, with the development of science and technology and the deepening of research, scientists have made a major discovery, that is, chimpanzee chromosome 12 and 13 can basically correspond to human chromosome 2.

This major discovery tells us that in the process of human evolution, it is not a direct loss of a pair of chromosomes, but a fusion of chromosomes. After fusion, the related genetic information is not lost, and this process can be completed by gene mutation.

Of course, the process of gene mutation fusion is long, and it may take millions of years to complete. Although we know where the pair of missing chromosomes are going, scientists still don’t know what kind of significant impact this melting will have on human beings.

Some people think that this kind of chromosome fusion of gene mutation makes the original 24 pairs of chromosomes into 23 pairs of chromosomes, which is an advanced evolution of life level and is more conducive to the evolution and evolution of human beings. However, some people think that this kind of gene mutation melting may be caused by some significant ecological impact, not necessarily a good gene mutation.

Due to the limited research and cognition on genes and chromosomes, human beings are still at the superficial level. Therefore, we do not know whether the number of chromosomes is good or small. Some people may think that the essence of enrichment is that the number of chromosomes is less and less by melting, but on the contrary, it is a higher level evolution of life. If so, does that mean that in the future, if human beings want to achieve the sublimation of life, they still need to undergo gene mutation again, melting 23 pairs of chromosomes into 22 pairs?

Of course, to solve these mysteries, we can only rely on strong scientific and technological strength. Only with the continuous development of human science and technology can we have a better understanding of chromosomes and genes. After we have completely solved the mystery of genes, we may be able to uncover why our ancestors mutated 24 pairs of chromosomes into 23 pairs of chromosomes?

If the melting of chromosomes is indeed a sublimation of life, perhaps in the near future, scientists can make human life mutate again and evolve to a higher level of life through genetic technology. If the reduction of chromosome number is a kind of degradation of life, we can still adjust it through genetic technology. It can be said that mastering the code of gene will wait until mastering the fate of human beings.

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