In the vast universe, dark matter occupies 96% of the space, and the universe may be controlled by alien civilizations

Since the 13.7-billion-year-old big bang, the deep environment and vast stars in the universe have dotted the universe in front of human eyes, and a large number of galaxies began to appear one after another. In the current space-time of the universe, there must be a large number of celestial bodies. Using radio telescopes, scientists can observe the vastness of the universe. In the universe, the twinkling planets can be seen, emitting mysterious light.

When scientists made in-depth research, they found that most of the energy in the universe came from invisible dark matter, which also opened the door to energy for scientists’ research, because experts believe that there may be a large number of advanced civilizations in the universe, and human beings are only relatively low-level species in the dark matter community, which makes it difficult for human beings to discover. This kind of advanced mysterious power has been under control all the time It’s the universe.

According to the law of conservation of energy in the universe, the universe has been accompanied by energy transfer since its birth in space-time. In the process of energy transfer, many galaxies have appeared. Through astronomical telescope observation, we can only see cosmic matter visible to the naked eye, which is completely opposite to dark matter.

According to the research, scientists found that only 4% of the matter in the universe is seen by human beings, so 96% of the remaining dark matter in the universe dominates the whole universe. In this regard, scientists have speculated that the civilizations that can manipulate dark matter must be the top civilizations in the universe, far more than human beings. They have been hiding outside the earth, making it difficult for scientists to find them.

Indeed, only 4% of the matter observed by human beings is quite rare. In this case, a part of the universe is dark matter group, and the mysterious forces behind them have been controlling the universe. In nearly 100 years of exoplanet exploration, scientists are still unable to find out why aliens exist.

The difference of civilization level leads to such a result, just like human vision can only see 4% of the matter in the universe, the remaining 96% is just like the advanced civilization outside the earth, which has not been seen by human beings. Scientists have been looking for advanced civilization in the universe, but they have not been comprehensively improved.

So in the dark matter universe, it is very possible to find aliens in this vast universe. Just like the earth system where human beings live, they are distributed in a confused world. In this case, they will be able to see the dazzling world. As previously assumed by scientists, perhaps man is a pet placed by advanced civilization on the earth, and has been manipulated by aliens. The birth of the earth seems accidental, but there are many strange things.

If all things are coincidental, then the low probability of things happening at the same time, it will be surprising, because the earth is an ordinary planet in the solar system, and there is almost no life on the surrounding eight planets, which is obviously difficult to say, and the biggest possibility is that there is only one high-level civilization lurking in the galaxies around the eight planets, Scientists have not found that the huge dark matter cluster, followed by the universe, has a chaotic effect, and being able to get rid of the clouds is the key to the ultimate exploration of extraterrestrial civilization.

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