Including Sophia, what has the AI robot achieved?

With the rapid development of the times, human beings are not satisfied with the survival of the earth. Scientists are becoming more and more interested in the research and manufacture of robots. How intelligent can robots be now? Today, Xiaobian is going to popularize it.

On October 26, 2017, in Saudi Arabia, the world’s first robot was granted citizenship. Her name is Sophia. Sophia was designed by robot designer David Hansen in March 2016.

Sophia’s skin is rubbery, which allows her to make a lot of expressions. Sophia can remember the language, the process of interacting with human beings, including the facial expressions of human beings at that time. Moreover, as time goes by, Sophia can even think like human beings and have her own ideas and consciousness. When Hansen asked it, “do you want to destroy mankind?” Sophia’s answer is “I will destroy mankind!”. Hansen replied with a smile, because he didn’t think robots would be like that

But at this time, Sophia had her own ideas. She wanted to go to college, set up a family and live like an individual. And he said he wanted to replace human beings.

In addition to Sofia, a robot named kengoro recently appeared in Tokyo, Japan. Kengoro has 16 actuators that mimic human muscle contraction and are more flexible than humans. He can do some push ups, sit ups and other sports. Interestingly, people will be very hot and sweating after sports, and kengoro’s manufacturer also gave it this function, and in order to help it dissipate heat, he also designed a refrigeration system. It’s very troublesome for people to get hot and sweat after sports. Robots don’t have these “shortcomings”, but designers have to add to them.

In addition to Sofia and kengoro, Softbank’s Boston force has developed a humanoid robot that mimics the back somersault of a human athlete.

We can’t deny that the emergence of robots in medicine, rescue and other fields can help human beings in a certain range, but we have to say that robots are invented by human beings in the final analysis. If robots can completely replace human beings, this is not very possible. Although the development of robots is more and more perfect, they still can’t live on their own.

Finally, Xiao Bian would like to say that although there is a large number of people in the world against the manufacture of robots, new things that can promote the development of human life can still be tried. Under the influence of each other, robots become more and more intelligent, so humans should be more and more “intelligent” than robots.

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