India found 45000 years ago murals, including a kind of biological, human has not seen!

After more than 4 billion years of vicissitudes, although the face of the earth has changed, we can still explore the original age by leaving only traces. According to media reports, during this period, scientists found prehistoric murals in caves in Indonesia. These murals are 45000 years old, which can be said to be the oldest murals in the world.

“Aliens” in murals

After analysis, the scientists found that many animals were depicted in these murals, but what surprised and curious them most was a creature they had never seen before. The wild boar and bison are no different from the livestock, but there is a strange creature which has aroused heated discussion. In these murals, there is a half ORC. Some people suspect that this painting may not be human, or it may be the gods imagined by the ancients.

In the era of relatively backward science and technology, the ancients knew nothing about science, so they pinned their future fortune on the gods. They believed that the gods could protect the weather in the coming year, so they often held sacrificial activities. Maybe the orcs in the murals are the gods in the ancient people’s hearts. Some people have put forward different views. With the deepening of scientists’ research, many conspiracy theorists believe that the gods in the minds of the ancients are ancient aliens.

Maybe the aliens had already come to the earth, they taught the human science and technology at that time, so there appeared one splendid civilization after another. In order to thank the aliens, the ancients at that time depicted their images and remembered them. Until now, scientists are still studying this cave, and no one knows who left these murals. Although we have become the overlord of the earth, there are still many mysteries waiting for human to solve.

Mysterious frescoes in France

In addition to the murals in caves in India, mysterious murals have also been found in dordoni, southwest France. However, the discoverers of these murals were not scientists, but a group of children chasing rabbits. When they accidentally broke into the cave, they were shocked by these huge murals. Although these murals appeared later than the Indian murals, the images of orcs also appeared in them. These phenomena should not be coincidence. Are these orcs really aliens?

Although many people think that these Orc images are imagined by the ancients, there is no prototype at all. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that such a statement is very one-sided. Although human wisdom is infinite, how could the ancients possibly depict things that are suspected of the modern world at that time? Maybe fairy tales are not groundless, on the contrary, they have traces to follow. What do you think?

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