India made chips out of cow dung? It is estimated that a large number of exports to the United States can contain the epidemic!

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When it comes to cow dung, many people can’t help but think of a common saying: “a flower is inserted into cow dung”. Cow dung is described as a very low-level and ugly thing. However, in the eyes of Indians, cow dung is a “priceless” treasure. They also put forward the theory of using cow dung to make chips to reduce mobile phone radiation and prevent diseases. It is the so-called “the world is big, there are all kinds of wonders!”

The picture shows Indians collecting cow dung

Indian hair “dung” strong picture, make “dung” piece, powerful performance

Today’s society is a society with the rapid development of the Internet, and it is also an era of intelligent high-tech. no matter what kind of electronic products do not open the “chip”, especially a smart phone, without the “chip”, it is equivalent to a defective scrap, unable to accept information. In addition, computers used in our daily life also need the support of chips, which shows that a chip is particularly important for the development of scientific and technological products in a country.

Today, COVID-19 has been raging around the world, and foreign media have revealed that India is developing the virus at the critical moment of the epidemic. It can resist the virus and prevent the radiation of “cow dung chip”. Many netizens question whether it is a gimmick of speculation. Indian officials have confirmed that the cow dung chip they have developed is a scientific experiment, which is very sad. Can cow dung be made into chips?

The picture shows the chip of cow dung released by the national cattle Committee of India


Indian cow dung chip, “this cow dung chip, not that cow dung chip”

Many netizens see here will have a feeling: “with cow dung to make chips, the smell of mobile phones will not be too heavy?” In fact, Indian experts have been misled by other media after developing this chip. They just developed cow dung for the second time. In order to publicize a new use or new technology of cow dung, they sterilized cow dung, dried and pressed it into patterns. The relevant person in charge added anti radiation elements in the external publicity process. So will cow dung really block mobile phone radiation?

In order to persuade scientists and people from other countries, Indian media also quoted a scientific report published by new scientist, which pointed out that in the future, human beings may need feces to help absorb radiation from space in the process of exploring Mars. Indian officials also use this principle to claim that cow dung chips can block electromagnetic radiation. Design experts also confirmed: “cow dung has a lot of crude protein and crude fiber, which can resist radiation.”

The picture shows the radiation protection experiment of cow dung

2. The key core of cow dung chip is to resist virus and contain epidemic situation

It has to be said that in the field of cow dung research, all countries in the world are willing to fall behind, and the gap with India is too big. If the cow dung chip developed in India can prevent radiation, then it has another important role, which is to resist viruses and prevent various diseases. In the news conference of cow dung chip release, the person in charge pointed out that as long as the chip is inserted into the mobile phone, it can enhance human immunity, resist viruses, contain epidemic situation and prevent various diseases. When asked whether this kind of chip has been certified by the government, I didn’t expect that the person in charge said no, but it has been tested. It seems that he is really brave. It seems that he is also a ruthless role to be able to directly release product news conferences without government approval.

3. The price of cow dung chips is not sky high, and can be exported to the United States in large quantities

Since cow dung chip has such important value, is it very expensive? The product R & D personnel said that this kind of cow dung chip is not as expensive as we think. Its price in RMB is only about four or five yuan. It is expected that it will be exported to the United States in large quantities in the future, and the price may double if cow dung is used to save the American residents in dire straits. This kind of magic chip has not been widely accepted in India. Some people think that this product is exaggerating and has no scientific basis, and its usability has yet to be verified. It can be seen that cow dung chip is indeed a dream.

Foreign media report on cow dung chip

Cattle have a sacred status in India, and they are widely used

If flowers are put in cow dung in China, cow dung is put on flowers in India, putting the cart before the horse. In addition to the cow dung chip we talked about, there are also cow dung energy-saving lamps. The product designer said that cow dung has great market potential in India. One can’t help asking, “why does India value cattle so much? What wonderful uses does it have? “

The picture shows an Indian car “plated with manure”


Cattle are sacred in India and have a high status

In Hinduism, cattle are regarded as a kind of “holy beast”, just like the dragon has a pivotal position in Chinese traditional culture. In Hinduism, cattle symbolize reproduction, which is the most basic guarantee for the survival of human farming. Even today, with the development of science and technology, Indians respect cattle as God. Every Indian does not eat beef. Some cattle farms only provide milk and dung as fuel for Indians. India has the largest number of cattle in the world, and cattle have a noble status in India. Kashmiri, the goddess of Hinduism, represents wealth and peace in Hinduism. Kashmiri is very fond of cattle and even lives in cow dung when she sleeps. This is why we see modern Indians bathing in cow dung. It seems that all these have historical origins. In addition, the second God in India is Shiva, whose mount is the white ox, so the Indians will respect the ox more. In modern times, the government also attaches great importance to cattle and has set up the national cattle Committee of India to protect cattle. Among the Indian people, cattle are sacred and inviolable species. If anyone slaughters cattle, or beat and drive them away, it means that disaster will happen to this person.

The picture shows the beloved Indian cattle

2. Cattle are sacred things, and their excrement is regarded as pure

Since cattle are sacred things in India, Indians also regard their excrement as pure things, which is the same as the Hindu concept of cleanliness. Under this value, people also classify things by comparing cleanliness and uncleanness. Cleanliness is a measure of the class level of the whole society. Therefore, those who hurt cattle are called “clean” For unclean people, they will be punished. Cow dung and urine are the filth of sacred cow excretion, so they are regarded as pure things, representing a symbol of good luck. In many religious activities in India, there are sacrificial offerings made of cow dung and cow urine.

The picture shows Indians bathing with cow dung

3. “Cow dung cake” is a natural by-product and a raw material for barbecue

As we have mentioned earlier, Indian researchers use cow dung to make chips. In addition, ordinary people also use cow dung to make cow dung cakes, which are then dried in the sun. Many netizens are puzzled about this: “do Indians use cow dung cakes as food materials? “The answer is not that Indians use cow dung cake to make raw materials for barbecue. They put a lot of raw food on it, just like our barbecue in China.

The picture shows Indian cow dung cake

4. “Cow urine” made into a drink, not only beauty and health care, but also to prevent new crown

It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia is also used in India. Many businesses make cow urine products into beverage and then process packaging for sale. The cow urine drink has a very good prospect in local sales. Even in the eyes of Indians, it is a very healthy health product. It can also treat diabetes, heart disease and improve immunity while it can prevent new crown pneumonia. Beauty experts also extracted the effective ingredients of cow urine to make skin care products, publicizing that cow urine can beautify and nourish the face. In order to get close to the taste of international friends, businesses also continuously improved cow urine, including salty in bitterness and fresh in salty. Businesses said that all the cow urine had been sterilized by high temperature and entered into deep processing.

The picture shows Indian women receiving cow urine

5. Using cow dung to make daily necessities: energy saving and environmental protection of cow dung


Market share

There is also a sacred festival in India, which is “dideng Festival”. In order to make the lamps made in India stand out in the fierce competition, Indian researchers have also developed cow dung lamp, which uses cow dung as raw material. The relevant person in charge said that this kind of cow dung lamp is very environmental friendly and energy-saving. Some dealers also said that this kind of cow dung lamp is very useful in the market competition Advantages. In addition, in order to promote the use value of cow dung, merchants also specially developed toothpaste, soap, facial mask and so on made from cow dung. Indians believed that the excrement of this beast has magical effect, so its cow dung and cow urine products will have powerful effects.

The left side is cow dung lamp, and the right side is cow dung chip


Comprehensively develop by-products of cattle and strengthen the production and utilization rate of cow dung

Although the utilization value of cattle is very high, it is far from enough in the view of the Indian government. Therefore, the Indian government has ordered to comprehensively strengthen the development of cattle by-products, such as cow dung and cow urine processing, which need further development. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the Indian government will give financial support. With the increasing number of stray cattle in India, a kind of occupation has been derived It’s the “cow dung collector” who goes to the countryside to collect cow dung and send it to some processing enterprises. But even so, there will be a lot of surplus cow dung. It can be said that the average annual output of cow dung in India has reached 1.2 billion tons. Some Indian researchers are focusing on high-precision fields. For example, the “cow dung chip” is one of the R & D projects

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In addition to India, elephants are regarded as sacred animals in Thailand. Elephants play an important role in Thai people’s life. They are the symbol of Thailand, which promotes the development of local tourism. However, compared with India’s theocracy, Thailand is far away.

Among the 1.3 billion people in India, the number of cattle has exceeded 300 million, ranking the first in the world. If the manufacturing industry can be developed only by cow dung, India’s industry will surely be delayed. Excessive religious belief, low level of education and education, and poor business environment will only make India’s GDP falter. India’s poverty is not only due to material factors, but also due to lack of awareness of the outside world. Take transportation for example, in India, roads are dilapidated and crowded, streets are chaotic, there are few train lines, and there are crowds everywhere, which is very inconvenient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If India wants to rise and gain a firm foothold in the world, it must change the status quo and not rely solely on the myth of cattle to improve its economic development!

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