Indonesian fishermen have found a small shark with a human face in the belly of a female shark

A fisherman in Indonesia has caught a baby shark with a human face, which has attracted a lot of attention after he shared his video and photos on the Internet, according to the British website ladble on February 23.

Abdullah is an ordinary fisherman living in East Nusa Tenggara province. When he went to sea on the 21st, he caught a female shark with the trawl behind the fishing boat. The unborn baby shark was found in the stomach of the female shark. “What I first caught was the mother of this baby shark,” said Abdallah, 48. It was a big female shark. The next day, she cut open her belly and found three unborn sharks. The other two are nothing special. They look the same as their mother, but this one is different. I don’t know why they have a human face

Abdullah took this interesting shark home and showed it to his family and friends. The news soon spread to the countryside. Some people thought it was a rare thing and wanted to pay for it. However, Abdallah said he did not intend to sell the shark. “Because of the shark, our family is packed every day and many people come from far away to see it,” he said. There are several people chatting with me in private, trying to pay for it, but I’m not going to sell it. This shark is a mascot for me. It should bring me good luck. ” I don’t know why Abdullah thought that this shark was a mascot. After all, from the perspective of sharks, it’s not good luck to die before birth.

In addition, American cameraman tanier once photographed a shark with a human face. He uploaded a photo saying, “look what I’ve got. How does this shark look so much like a shark?” This interesting picture immediately aroused a lot of responses. Someone commented: “I’m the only one who can tell whose classic hairstyle it is?” In addition, someone replied, “don’t be kidding. Isn’t it the face changing software that changed the face of the person?”

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