Insight has detected a suspected Mars earthquake, which is of great significance for human exploration of Mars

There are eight planets in the solar system. The planets in the habitable zone are Venus, earth and Mars, and earth is the only planet with intelligent life. When human beings went out of the earth and began to explore the universe, they naturally had a strong interest in Venus and Mars. However, due to the harsh environment of Venus and the thick atmosphere, it is difficult for the probe to land on Venus for long-term exploration.

Finally, scientists focus on Mars. There are many similarities between Mars and the earth. The most important thing is that Mars does not have the harsh environment like Venus, only has a thin atmosphere, and the probe can also land on Mars for long-term exploration. Over the past few decades, scientists have launched dozens of probes to Mars, including orbital probe and Mars landing probe.

With the help of these probes, humans have learned a lot about the surface of Mars, but scientists still don’t know what’s under the surface of Mars. The earth is a rocky planet. Scientists explore the structure of the earth’s interior mainly through the seismic waves generated by the movement between plates. Can we also explore the interior of Mars through seismic waves?

In order to explore the mysteries inside Mars, scientists launched the Mars probe insight in May 2018 and successfully landed on Mars on December 19, 2018. After the insight safely landed on Mars, it stretched out its mechanical arm and put a high-precision seismograph on the surface of Mars. After completing the necessary debugging, this equipment has been carrying out “fire shock” monitoring on Mars.

If you want to explore the interior of Mars through seismic waves, you must first detect whether there will be earthquakes on Mars. Because the structure of Mars is different from that of the earth, the causes of earthquakes on Mars may be different from those on the earth. Earthquakes on earthquakes are mainly caused by plate movement. The friction and collision of plate movement between the crust and mantle will produce earthquakes of different degrees.

Since there is no plate tectonics on Mars, if there is an earthquake on Mars, its main inducement may be the faults and cracks in the Martian crust. The formation of these faults and cracks is mainly related to the meteorite impact, the crust shrinkage caused by the continuous cooling process of the core, and the magma upwelling process.

On April 25, the insight earthquake monitor brought good news to scientists. For the first time, the seismograph monitored and recorded a suspected weak Martian earthquake. Scientists believe that although the specific situation of this Martian earthquake is not clear, it is not a false alarm caused by wind or other environmental factors, it may be a real fire earthquake.

The monitoring and discovery of Mars earthquake is of great significance for human beings to explore the internal structure of Mars. Now scientists can be sure that there are earthquakes on Mars. Insight can monitor the first earthquake, and it is believed that stronger Mars earthquakes will be detected in the future. Once the relatively large Mars earthquake events can be monitored, scientists can detect different earthquakes on Mars through seismic waves The transfer and reflection of matter form the three-dimensional structure of Mars.

This is of great significance for scientists to understand the early formation history of Mars and the evolution of Mars. For Mars, although scientists have learned a lot through the probe, the more they know about Mars, the more confused they are. Now scientists have detected ancient traces left by water on Mars, and found traces that may exist in water.

The probe also found the existence of methane in the Martian atmosphere. More and more evidence shows that Mars may be far more complex and mysterious than we thought. Although scientists have not found any life on Mars at present, all kinds of unusual discoveries on Mars make scientists have an expectation: there may still be life on Mars and where these life may be It could be under the surface.

According to the various discoveries of Mars, scientists have another guess, that is, Mars may have been a beautiful blue planet like the earth long ago, but later, I don’t know why it happened. If Mars used to be similar to the earth, then Mars will have very good ecological conditions. As long as human beings carry out a series of transformation on Mars in the future, it is possible to make Mars rejuvenate and become the second living planet for human beings.

In order to solve more mysteries of Mars, it is very important to explore the internal structure and situation of Mars. It is possible to learn more about the internal structure of Mars by monitoring the Martian earthquake and getting the seismic wave data. Insight Mars probe also carries powerful drilling tools, which can drill to about 5 meters below the surface of Mars, so it can also get a lot of information about the interior of Mars.

If there is liquid water or life under the surface of Mars, it may be discovered by exploration. Now insight is still carrying out underground exploration missions on Mars. In the future, it will drill into the ground step by step for exploration. I believe there will be more discoveries and surprises waiting for us. The mystery of Mars is not far away from being really solved.

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