Insight sent back some precious pictures of Mars, in which scientists found a strange thing

When human beings walk out of the earth, they realize that the earth is so small. In front of the vast universe, the earth may not even be a grain of dust. There are eight planets in the solar system where the earth lives. There are three planets in the habitable zone, namely Venus, earth and Mars.

Of the three livable planets, only earth is an intelligent life planet. The environment of the other two planets is very bad. Venus is a purgatory planet with super high temperature. Although the environment of Mars is not as bad as Venus, it is also a barren planet. But it’s such a barren planet that scientists have been paying close attention to.

Since more than half a century since human beings stepped out of the earth to explore the universe, the most probes have been sent to Mars, including orbital exploration and Mars surface landing probes. With the help of these probes, scientists have learned more and more about Mars. However, what these probes can detect is only the surface of Mars, while the situation inside Mars is still unknown.

In order to explore the mysteries under the surface of Mars, scientists launched the new Mars probe insight on May 5, 2018, which is the representative work of the highest science and technology of mankind at present. Its purpose is to explore the earthquakes on Mars and to explore deep under the surface of Mars. After more than half a year’s flight, insight finally landed on Mars on November 26, 2018.

Shortly after the Mars landing, insight sent back some precious photos to the earth. These photos show us a lonely and desolate red world. From the pictures, we can clearly see that the flat soil of Mars is dotted with numerous scattered gravel. In the strong sunlight, the light brown surface is set off by the black shadow of gravel.

Scientists began to command insight to carry out the next exploration through various instructions, and insight also carried out the orders of scientists, and took all kinds of photos at any time, and sent these photo data back to the earth. Through these photos, scientists can grasp the situation of insight and the situation around the detector at any time.

Of course, when insight was working, it was not all smooth sailing. A strange thing happened. Around December last year, when scientists received the photos sent back by insight, the imaging of insight was suddenly interrupted. At that time, scientists knew what had happened and took various measures, but they were still unable to contact insight.

When the kochs were at a loss, insight miraculously resumed communication the next day. What’s the matter? Scientists can’t give a reasonable explanation for this, and they don’t know why insight broke off communication for a period of time. What happened to insight on Mars during this period? It may be just an accident, or there may be mysterious events that we don’t know about.

After that strange interruption, no other things happened to insight that affected its work. It is still working and successfully monitored the Martian earthquake some time ago. In the near future, insight will begin to drill about 6 meters below the surface of Mars step by step. What will the underground world look like? Will there be water and life?

In the early days, scientists recognized Mars as a desolate and abominable planet. However, with the exploration of Mars by the explorer in recent decades, it was found that Mars may not be a desolate planet. There are many secrets on it. The Explorer found some strange landforms on Mars, such as river beds formed by water flowing over many years, and many volcanoes.

Curiosity has also found methane in the Martian atmosphere, as well as fungi suspected of mushrooms. These discoveries made by the explorers on Mars in succession remind us of the extraordinary nature of Mars. Therefore, scientists have also made a bold guess on Mars, believing that Mars may have been a green planet like the earth long ago, with magnetic field, atmosphere, liquid ocean and even life.

But later, I don’t know why it became such a desolation. Scientists speculated that it might be meteorites. There is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, in which there are at least 100000 asteroids. Mars is so close to the asteroid belt that the risk of an asteroid impact on it is much greater.

Maybe one day, a huge asteroid hit the earth, directly destroying the internal movement of Mars, leading to the disappearance of magnetic field. Without the protection of magnetic field, the atmosphere of Mars began to gradually lose, and the liquid water of Mars began to be carried away by the invading solar wind. With the passage of years, Mars has become what it is now.

Although Mars is no longer as elegant as it used to be, some traces of the former glow have been preserved, such as some peculiar landforms, some dry river beds, and so on. According to the exploration and analysis of Mars by scientists, there may still be a lot of liquid water under the surface of Mars, and the possibility of Martian life is not ruled out.

To uncover these secrets, in addition to waiting for the new discovery of the probe, what is more important is the discovery of insight under the surface of Mars in the future. If liquid water and life are found under the surface of Mars, it is absolutely exciting and exciting news, which is of great significance for human beings to transform Mars in the future and make it the second livable planet for human beings significance.

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