Insight successfully landed on Mars. What is its mission? Will it surprise human beings

Mars is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and it is also the planet that scientists pay the most attention to. Why do scientists pay attention to Mars? Because Mars, like the earth, is also an earth like planet, which has a lot of similarities with the earth. Moreover, it is a planet in the habitable zone, and it is a planet where human beings are expected to immigrate in the future.

Many people may say that although the environment on Mars is not as bad as that on Venus, human beings can not live directly on Mars. It’s a fact that human beings can’t survive directly in the Martian environment. If we want to survive on Mars, we must carry out a series of modifications to make it a planet suitable for human habitation.

Of course, it would be better to find a new earth that is naturally suitable for human survival, but such a planet can only be found outside the solar system. For a long time in the future, human beings will not be able to get out of the solar system, let alone emigrate to extrasolar planets. We should know that the nearest star system Centaurus is 4 light-years away from the earth. Light year is still an unimaginable distance for human beings. A light year’s distance may take tens of thousands of years at the speed of our present aircraft.

Therefore, human migration in the future can only be carried out in the solar system, and only Mars is expected to be transformed into a livable planet in the solar system. If we want to transform Mars for migration, we must first have enough understanding of Mars. For decades, scientists have sent the most probes to Mars. Through the exploration of Mars by these probes, human beings have more and more understanding of Mars. However, this understanding is only limited to the surface of Mars, and we still know nothing about what is under the surface of Mars.

In recent years, Mars probes have found traces of water on the surface of Mars, as well as some conditions needed for the birth of life. Therefore, scientists speculate that there may be a lot of liquid water under the surface of Mars, and even life on Mars. In order to know more about the world under the surface of Mars, NASA has launched a new plan to launch a new probe to Mars, which is insight Mars probe.

Unlike previous Mars probes, the insight Mars probe will not move around, but fix a place, and then use a specially carried drill to probe deep underground. Its main task is to understand the size, composition, physical state, geological structure, internal temperature and seismic activity of Mars.

The “insight” is the first probe in human history to study the internal structure of Mars. When the news of successful landing came, the control room of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, burst into warm applause and cheers. The landing site of insight is located in a vast, flat plain in the northern hemisphere of Mars near the equator, which is very suitable for the probe landing, and even called “the largest parking lot on Mars” by NASA.

After the successful landing, the probe sent back the first image at a very fast speed, showing the horizon of Mars in the distance. The translucent dust cover had not been removed during the shooting, so we could see the lens picture covered with dust. In the next few days, better quality images will be sent back one after another.

The mission of insight is very important. The drill carried on it can drill into the depth of 6 meters below the surface of Mars, which is very good for understanding the internal structure and conditions of Mars. Especially, it is possible to detect the existence of water and life below the surface. Water and life are very important for human migration to Mars in the future.

Water is the source of life. Human beings cannot live without water. If there is no liquid water on Mars, it will be very difficult to transform Mars. It is not easy to transport a large amount of water from the earth or other planets to Mars. If there is a large amount of liquid water under the surface of Mars, the possibility of future Mars reconstruction will be greatly improved.

With a large amount of liquid water, the decomposition of water will release oxygen, which will increase the oxygen content in the Martian atmosphere and make the Martian atmosphere gradually thicker. With a large amount of water, plants can be planted on Mars. With a large number of plants, Mars will not lack oxygen, and human beings can survive on the surface of Mars.

For the problem of relatively low temperature on Mars, liquid water can not exist on the surface of Mars. In fact, it will not be very difficult to make Mars warm up. It may not be possible for current science and technology, but with the development of science and technology, it will be possible in the near future. Huge solar reflectors can be installed in the orbit of Mars, which can absorb the heat of the sun, and then reflect the heat to the surface of Mars, so that the temperature of Mars can effectively rise to above zero.

The existence of life on Mars is also very important for human migration to Mars in the future. There are two completely different concepts about whether there is life on a planet. If there is life on Mars, even the simplest bacteria and microorganisms, it may cause great harm to human life.

There will always be some bacteria and viruses harmful to human beings on the earth, not to mention on different planets. The environmental gap will be bigger, and the forms of life will also be very different. If there is life on Mars, it will be very different from life on the earth. Whether this kind of difference will pose a threat to human beings must be made clear, as long as it is made clear Only in this way can we make corresponding measures, such as developing relevant vaccines, which is very important for future human migration to Mars, and everything must be based on the safety of human life.

Of course, it would be better to make sure that there is no life on Mars, so we don’t have to worry about the threat of life on Mars. It is not easy to transform Mars. At present, we have not yet achieved the goal of manned landing on Mars, but this goal is not far away. It is believed that it will not be long before human beings will land on Mars and establish bases on Mars, which will be more conducive to the comprehensive exploration of Mars. It is believed that Mars will become the second livable planet for human beings in the future, and some people will migrate to live on Mars Should we be Martians then?

What do you think of the Mars probe insight’s landing on Mars? Welcome to comment below.

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