Internet transmission: China University of science and technology can quantize ants or mice for remote transmission

Recently, there is a heated discussion on the Internet that “China University of science and technology can transmit ants remotely”, because China University of science and technology has realized the long-distance transmission of quantum state some time ago, and this experiment has also been verified by the quantum teleportation experiment.

Quantum transmission is a new way of communication, which transmits quantum information carried by quantum state and will be an important part of future network communication. In a simple and straightforward way, quantum transmission is similar to what we often call “instantaneous transfer” and “crossing”. It does not need any carrier or medium. It can disappear in one place and appear in another place. However, it is not completed in an instant. It takes a period of time.

But up to now, what this technology can achieve is only the quantum state, which is generally the polarization state of photons. The transmission ants and mice in the network transmission belong to matter. A small ant is made up of thousands of atoms, which are far too large to be in the sub state. Therefore, it is impossible to transport ants in a long distance.

On the other hand, long-distance transmission is quantum, but we know that ants and mice are animals. Animals are made up of cells, which are a more troublesome substance. They are completely different from quantum. So in this respect, long-distance transmission of ants and mice is not established.

But with the continuous progress of science and the continuous exploration of scientists, long-distance transmission will come true one day.

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