Interstellar migration is not empty talk, experts study controllable nuclear fusion, let everything come true!

Blueprint of controllable nuclear fusion technology

France has built the international nuclear fusion experimental reactor in 2020, which has been widely discussed. After all, controllable nuclear fusion technology is very important for the earth. Due to the further shortage of resources, human beings need more resources to maintain production and life.

Scientists claim that controllable nuclear fusion is a new round of energy revolution. It is essential for human beings to realize space navigation and develop controllable nuclear fusion technology.

Breakthrough controllable nuclear fusion, dream in sight

Primitive human beings know how to make fire by drilling wood, and further use energy to provide energy for their own development – the history of human development is actually the history of energy conservation. Thousands of years ago, the compass gunpowder was born, which further changed the state of war. The improvement of steam engine hundreds of years ago pushed people into the first industrial revolution, and the invention of electricity 140 years ago led people into the electrical age 80 years ago, nuclear energy changed the way of human life, and now the latest round is controllable nuclear fusion technology.

This is also known as the speed of light energy revolution by scientists.

The earth revolves around the sun and receives the light and heat from the sun’s nuclear fusion at the same time. If human beings have mastered the controllable nuclear fusion technology, they can build a similar star according to these needs, and some satellite cities can be built around the star to meet the needs of human survival. At the same time, they can also enable artificial satellites to explore further space.

Idea of Dyson ball

This theory was put forward by physicist Dyson in 1960. In his theory, human beings should build a celestial body, which is large enough to wrap the sun, so as to absorb the heat energy of the sun for human use. Therefore, people now habitually call this kind of celestial body Dyson sphere, but before, due to technical limitations, Dyson sphere was always in the imagination stage, and there was no real drawing At present, scientists are challenging controllable fusion, so it may be only a matter of time before they want to break through it.

Kardashev scale

It is true that many scientists are excited by the theory of Dyson ball, but in the face of the limitations of science and technology, there is nothing we can do.

In 1964, the former Soviet astronomer Kardashev proposed three levels, which respectively refer to the different degrees of civilization to the application of energy.

The first level means that all living things on the planet can be found effectively and use the energy of the planet. However, human beings have not fully used the energy of the earth at present, which belongs to level 0.75 in the field of civilization.

The second level refers to that the organisms on the planet can effectively find and use the energy in the star system where the planet is located. Therefore, if the earth people can one day effectively use most of the energy in the solar system, they will enter the second level civilization.

The third level means that all living things on the planet can effectively find and use the energy of large galaxies. Therefore, according to this standard, if the earth people can one day make use of most of the effective resources in the galaxy, they will enter the third level civilization.


According to the existing theory, if human beings can make a breakthrough in this technology, they will enter into a first-class civilization and have the primary ability to explore the extraterrestrial. However, at present, in an ideal state, if the planet where a civilization is located continues to be in a stable stage and keeps developing at a high speed, it will take at least hundreds of years. In an ideal state, the breakthrough between galaxies will take more than 100 years Millennium, so maybe at that time, distance and energy will not become obstacles to the utilization of resources among galaxies. After all, mankind will never know what the earth will look like in a hundred years.

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