Interstellar visitor identity revealed, the real body is not an iceberg, may be a masterpiece of aliens!

Interstellar visitor identity revealed, the real body is not an iceberg, may be a masterpiece of aliens!

Many strange things have happened in the universe, which perplex scientists all the year round, and scientists have no clue. In 2017, the first interstellar visitor of the solar system, omomo, appeared for the first time and shocked the world. Because of its abnormal gravitational acceleration, it becomes a big unsolved problem. At that time, when scientists found it, it was very close to the earth. When it was close to the earth, scientists did not detect any movement about it.

Many people wonder how and when it entered the solar system? This silent way of entering has aroused scientists’ deep thinking. When it is observed with a telescope, it is only 30 million kilometers away from the earth. At first, scientists simply thought that it was a comet from the edge of the solar system. Interstellar visitor identity revealed, the real body is not an iceberg, may be a masterpiece of aliens!

What is the true identity of aomo?

After a few days of observation, it is found that its identity is not so simple. It may be a masterpiece of aliens, because it rushes into the solar system from the direction of Lyra and is not controlled by any gravity of the sun. That is to say, it is not the formation of a natural celestial body in the solar system. Maybe there is another reason. Its flying speed is extremely fast, reaching 23 kilometers per second, and it can also flip and accelerate, which has already surpassed human cognition. Why did it dive into the solar system? It puzzled everyone.

A professor from Harvard University once disclosed that omomo is likely to be a light sail aircraft. Before it flew into the solar system, it may have been flying in the universe for thousands of years. Not long after that, another viewpoint appeared. Could omomo be an iceberg composed of hydrogen molecules? This conjecture was soon overturned. Through simulation experiments, scientists directly denied that it was an iceberg of hydrogen molecules. Its shape is like a cigar, and its true identity has become an eternal mystery. In the past two years, the formation of aomomo has attracted the attention of numerous experts. Although the exploration of it never stops, it never finds any secrets.

The causes of aomo

Now it’s headed for the edge of the solar system. In October 2018, experts observed through a large telescope that it has reached between Jupiter and Saturn, and may fly directly into Neptune and into the Kuiper belt, which will be farther and farther away from the solar system. It is estimated that it will be difficult for human beings to observe it. It came quietly and left like the wind, leaving only the mystery of identity, which is still unsolved by scientists.

It is flying towards the deeper universe. Whether Omo is a high-tech or a natural celestial body created by aliens has become an eternal problem in the universe. However, some people firmly believe that as long as the future high-tech of human beings is developed enough, we will find Omo again one day and reveal its identity mystery. All these are good expectations. What do you think of the solar system’s first interstellar visitor? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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