Inventory of the recent extinction of 11 species in China, the killers are almost human!

When it comes to creatures with Chinese characteristics and unique to China, the only thing you can think of now is the giant panda. But in fact, there used to be many kinds of creatures in China. With the change of environment and the wanton brilliance of human beings, they are either extinct or on the verge of extinction. Today, Xiaobian will show you these 11 kinds of creatures.

1. Obturator yunnanensis

The adult shell is 14cm long. The head is olive in color, with three dorsal ribs on the back and light reddish brown spots on the abdomen. Like to eat small fish, shrimp and earthworm. Environmental degradation and man-made hunting make its wild population extremely rare, and it is on the verge of extinction.

2. Chinese rhinoceros

The body is 2.8 meters long and weighs 1 ton. Its skin is black and hard with rivet like nodules. Rhinoceros horn, the male horn, is a kind of precious traditional Chinese medicine, which has saved countless lives! It’s also a devastating disaster. It disappeared completely in 1922.

3. Asian Cheetah

The cheetah became extinct in 1948. It used to be the fastest land animal. Small head, long legs, thin body, is the ability to prey, most like a dog cat.

4. Mongolian wild horse

It looks like a horse with a short and upright neck mane. It inhabits in mountain grassland and desert. He is alert and good at running. Generally, the strong male horse is the leader to form a group of 5-20 horses, and the camp is a nomadic life. The wild population is extinct.

5. High nosed antelope

Nose is especially large, curved downward, nostrils long at the tip, sensitive to smell. Male long horn; because antelope horn is a valuable medicinal material, it has been killed in large numbers, and the wild population in China has been extinct.

6. White headed stork

It is a 1-meter-long large bird with white feathers, metal green stripes on the back, black transverse bands on the chest and red legs. They build nests on big trees in the water and feed mainly on fish. There has been no wild trail since the 1950s.

7. Dolphin deer

The dolphin deer is short and fat, and its posture is like a pig, so it gets its name. It is good at crossing bushes and jumping obstacles. Extinction time in China: after 1960.

8. Xinjiang tiger

The Xinjiang tiger is the third largest tiger after Bengal tiger and Siberian tiger. China’s ancient Loulan was engulfed by the desert, and only a small part of the Xinjiang tigers were left to live tenaciously in the desert oasis. With the deterioration of the environment and people’s hunting, the remaining Xinjiang tigers were doomed.

9. Taiwan clouded leopard

One of the largest carnivorous wild animals in Taiwan, 60-100cm in length, is the first-class raw material for fur clothing because of its cloud like stripes and soft and glossy hair. Therefore, it was also destroyed. In 1983, the last young leopard died, and the Taiwan clouded leopard left us forever.

10. Dianchi salamander

The male is 11 cm long and the female is 14 cm long. Its trunk is cylindrical, its tail is flat, its skin is soft and scaleless, and its whole body is smooth. In recent years, the environment suitable for its growth no longer exists, so it is listed as “extinction”.

11. Zhili macaque

Zhili macaque was once the northernmost primate in China. It was extinct in Wuling Mountain in 1980s. At present, the North limit of macaque distribution in the world has given way to the Japanese macaque in Japan.

It’s really everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment and take good care of wild animals. If there is only human left on the earth one day, how monotonous it will be. But fortunately, in recent years, with the improvement of national quality, there have been many wild species recovering. I believe that the days like before are not far away when people and nature live in harmony

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