IPhone 9 configuration price is basically confirmed, A13 + 2800 yuan, Android powder is hard to resist!

In the second half of 2019, a new iPhone that many consumers are looking forward to should be the iPhone se2, and there were a lot of exposure news about the iPhone se2 at that time. But now, the cheap version of the iPhone that Apple will release in 2020, that is, the iPhone se2, seems to have been overthrown in many aspects.


For example, on the naming of mobile phones, in recent years, many technology media have said that the cheap version of iPhone that Apple will release in 2020 may not be named iPhone se2, but iPhone 9. Even some technology media have said that the iPhone 9 series may be officially released in the first quarter of 2020.


If iPhone 9 is really a cheap version of Apple mobile phone, then it will certainly be a big threat to many Android mobile phones, because Apple mobile phone has always been positioned in the high-end market. Although the price is relatively high, it has not been a reason for many Apple fans to reject Apple mobile phone. If the price of iPhone 9 is really low, it may help Apple mobile phone With the development of a large number of new users, even some senior Android users may not be able to resist this temptation.


According to the information exposed by the more authentic technology media, it seems that the iPhone 9 series will adopt the appearance design of the iPhone 8 series, which is similar to the previously exposed iPhone se2. If this kind of mobile phone appears, then for some of the newly started iphone8 or iPhones 7 series mobile phone consumers are certainly not very friendly, after all, the appearance design is not much different, and the price of the iPhone 9 series should also be cheaper, the most important thing is that the iPhone 9 will use the most powerful A13 processor.


Speaking of the price of the iPhone 9, since it is a cheap version of the iPhone, the price will certainly not be very high. At present, most of the exposed news on the Internet point out that the starting price of the iPhone 9 series should be set at about 2800 yuan.


For such a new iPhone that costs less than 3000 yuan, like the consumers who want to start an Apple phone but can’t afford it before, it’s certainly a big benefit. I just don’t know if the battery life and signal problems of the iPhone 9 can be solved. Do you think the cheap version of iPhone 9 is worth looking forward to?

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