Iraq dug out a “battery”, more than 2000 years ago, human history or be rewritten?

With the progress of archaeological work, scientists have excavated a large number of cultural relics, which can lead us to a better understanding of that era. Some cultural relics are the crystallization of human wisdom, while some cultural relics are still unsolved. Scientists once pulled out a mysterious pottery pot in Iraq. At that time, scientists once analyzed the pottery pot. They thought that this pottery pot was likely to change human history. What is the matter?

Baghdad Battery

This pottery pot is the legendary Bagdad battery, which was discovered by scientists in the 1930s. At that time, the Iraqi city of Baghdad was building a railway. In the process of building the railway, workers dug out a huge ancient tomb, in which there were many cultural relics, all of which were engraved with Persian characters. There is also a mysterious sarcophagus in this ancient tomb. When the workers saw this phenomenon, they immediately informed the local scientific research institutions. When the archaeologists came to the scene, they also excavated and cleaned up the ancient tombs. After a few months, they found many Persian cultural relics again, which is of great significance to the study of local history.

In addition to these cultural relics, scientists also found that some copper tubes and iron bars appeared in ancient tombs. Generally speaking, these objects that can be seen everywhere will not be used as funerary objects. Therefore, there may be deeper significance behind these objects, so scientists began to investigate. They found that the mysterious cultural relic was 15 cm high and shaped like a vase, but its interior was covered with a layer of asphalt and an iron bar, and there was a copper tube at the end of the iron bar. After scientists analyzed the pottery pot, they thought that the object was probably a battery. The battery is clearly the product of modern science and technology. Did the local people have mastered the power generation technology in 248 A.D?

It is reasonable to say that ancient people knew nothing about electricity, and the appearance of Bagdad battery also broke the human cognition. At that time, there was a scientist named kavinig. In order to solve the secret of this object, he quietly brought the battery back to Germany and started a long research. After his unremitting efforts, he found that the real use of this battery is not for power generation, but for local anesthesia. This theory is too advanced for scientists, so many scientists are skeptical about it.

The use of batteries

If this battery is really suitable for anesthesia, does it mean that the history of ancient China will be rewritten? As we all know, the medical level of ancient China is still very high, and the Mabei powder created by Hua Tuo is also considered to be the earliest anesthetic in the world. If the anesthetic effect of Bagdad battery is really recognized, does it mean that human beings have mastered the anesthetic technology more than 2000 years ago?

Of course, this is just the guess of scientists. Up to now, the Bagdad battery is still full of controversy. In fact, in addition to kavini, American scientists have also conducted experiments, and they have copied a Bagdad battery. Professional results show that iron bars and copper tubes near the batteries in Baghdad can generate electric current, so they believe that the purpose of these items is to electrify. If this theory is confirmed, it means that the ancient Persians have mastered the technology of electricity, and the use of electricity can make other metals and weapons.

In this way, ancient human beings have studied science, and we have no way to study which part of ancient people’s exploration of science has reached. It has not been recognized by the scientific community, and it has become an unsolved mystery. Many scientists have spent their whole lives trying to understand the secret of opening the Bagdad battery. Although we don’t know the function of Bagdad battery, if we can solve the answer, human civilization will be greatly improved. What do you think is the role of batteries?

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