Ireland is going to celebrate the green hat Festival! Does South Korea regard green hat as fashion? Chinese tourists: just be happy

Ireland has a special festival, a vibrant green Festival. This festival is St. Patrick’s day. Maybe you’ve never heard of this festival before. In fact, this festival is very famous. Like the Spring Festival in China, it is celebrated not only in Ireland but also in all countries in the world.

When it comes to green hats, everyone jokes that if you want to live, you have to wear something green on your head. Because we all know the meaning behind it, we make fun of it. In recent years, it has gained a more elegant title – the forgiveness hat, which comes from the modesty of ancient green.

In fact, in ancient China, green always represented a low level. The uniforms of the junior officials are blue and green. Cuckold originated in the Yuan Dynasty, when men working in prostitutes’ homes had to wear cuckold. All sorts of reasons come together. Green hat was given the meaning we all know now.

The green hat festival in Ireland is the same as the Spring Festival in China. On St. Patrick’s day, landmarks all over the world will turn green to celebrate this happy festival.

St. Patrick’s Day is to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was not originally Irish, he was originally British, but he had a different love for Ireland.

As a missionary, he later studied in a monastery in Ireland and eventually became a priest. After becoming a priest, he stayed in Ireland and spent the rest of his life teaching and baptizing the Irish.

Ireland convinced the Irish to convert to Christianity. In order to better express his thoughts, he picked the clover and vividly expounded the trinity of father, son and Holy Spirit. Perhaps because of his persistence and efforts, Irish people were gradually moved and began to believe in Christianity.

After the death of St. Patrick, he was deeply loved by the Irish, so the local people chose him as the patron saint of Ireland to commemorate him.

Every year on March 17, not only Irish people celebrate this festival, but also people all over the world are infected and Carnival together to celebrate this carnival.

Today, Irish people will dress up as clovers and go out for a parade. They will put on green clothes, green hats and national flags, all green.

The fashion shop will also launch a new season of green clothing for local people to buy, in order to better match. It is estimated that only a few days a year (March 17) Irish people will take the initiative to wear green hats!

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