Irish headmaster was found guilty of killing his wife and son after watching a shameful movie during working hours

On August 29 last year, a murder occurred in Ireland, which shocked the world. Alan haWe, 40, the father of high school vice principal, killed his 39 year old wife Clodagh and his 6-year-old, 11 year-old and 13-year-old son, and then committed suicide.

According to metro, Allen did this because he was found amusing himself by watching color chips at school. Seze likes exposure, which makes him feel great pressure. He feels that his position in the community has been shaken and no longer respected. It is reported that his addiction to color chips caused problems in his relationship with his wife.

At the time of the incident, he killed his wife and three children with an axe and knife. The bodies of the last five members of the family were found by Allen’s mother. According to the report, Allen posted a notice on the door of his home asking no one to enter and informing the Irish peace guard.

Police investigation found that Allen has been hiding his suffering from depression and mental illness. It is reported that he once told a psychotherapist, “people think I am the pillar of the community. 」

Perhaps in a few decades, if society is more open to color chips, such a tragedy will not happen

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