Iron man is invulnerable. How long does it take to develop a nuclear reactor that supports the energy in the chest?

Iron man is invulnerable. How long does it take to develop a nuclear reactor that supports the energy in the chest?

Since entering the era of science and technology, human beings have enjoyed the convenience brought by science and technology. No matter the living standard or other fields, they have made great progress. All walks of life have been developed in an all-round way, especially artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will be the direction of future development. With robots, it can help people do more things and leave more free time.

Long term use of robots will produce a kind of dependence and lack the ability to do it yourself. Therefore, science and technology have both disadvantages and advantages. Moreover, robots must be operated by human beings. They have strong ability and high efficiency. Scientists are very worried that if artificial intelligence gets rid of the control of human beings one day and has the consciousness and wisdom of independent thinking, the time will come Isn’t human beings going to suffer. Iron man is invulnerable. How long does it take to develop a nuclear reactor that supports the energy in the chest?

When you watch science fiction movies, you will see many products that surpass modern science and technology. These products are all coveted by everyone. For example, iron man’s powerful armor is invulnerable. Not only that, iron man also has the ability to escape from the sky. He is simply invincible. The reason why he has such a great ability is mainly due to the small nuclear reaction in his chest Pile. People are eager for this kind of reactor, so how long will it take?

This kind of small reactor uses a device called tokamak. The main function of this device is to complete controllable nuclear fusion. At present, the whole world is committed to the research of this technology. As long as it has this technology, any country can have unlimited energy. Unfortunately, the process of this technology is extremely complex, and it is impossible to realize it in a short time. According to the truth, the high temperature can only be achieved when it reaches several thousand degrees. Iron man’s armor is not so hot.

Scientists speculated that this kind of armor might be used for cold fusion, and human beings knew nothing about this kind of cold fusion and could not start at all. Some people think that everything in the film is false. In fact, not many plots in the film are shot according to people’s subjective consciousness. Iron man’s small nuclear reactor is the goal that human beings are striving for. If one day human beings can create this kind of nuclear reactor, then science and technology will reach its peak, and everything will be so easy.

However, one thing to worry about is that if this kind of nuclear reactor is really developed and everyone has unlimited ability, then the world will change and no one can control it. Generally speaking, the development of science and technology has both advantages and disadvantages. What we should do is to give full play to our strengths and reduce the disadvantages. According to the current situation, it will take at least the first half of the year to really develop it. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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